Saturday, December 3, 2022

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  • The movie we have watched in class was about Oregon state hospital. The film was very informative and interesting. It showed what kind of people are in our society and how we can identify if a person is ill or above the 93% insanity line. It showed us an example of what kinds of people are currently attending the state facility. Even though, people who committed terrible crimes were labeled as ill human beings and did not end up in prison. I do not agree with this particular situation, these people were given a second chance at life which, on east coast, is considered equality amount the citizens. However, equality does not always mean justice. People who commit such crimes must be sentenced to prison period. People who murder someone and pleads insanity are somewhat getting freedom for their heinous crimes. They are awarded more freedom than people who commit such hideous crimes. I think people that commit crimes such as murder should all serve the same sentence, such as time in prison.