Saturday, June 25, 2022

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  • I was on SSRI drugs for over 20 years. August 2014 I tapered off Prozac. A few weeks later, I started with what felt like withdrawal. Depression, anxiety & mini panic attacks. I tried several natural products but none worked. I heard about a doctor who is a Chiropractor/Neurologist. He started me on brain retraining because SSRI drugs take over your brain & it gets lazy after you get off it so it doesn’t work correctly. After 2 months of brain retraining, I started feeling better. It lasted about a week & went down hill after that. The depression & anxiety was worse than before I started. Mini panic attacks became full blown worse attacks I have ever had. I was living on Xanax & thought I may be addicted to them by then. The doctor told me it would take about a year for the retraining to work. No guarantee it would help either. I could not hold on for another year. After 4 1/2 months I couldn’t take it anymore. I called my son, who I live with, & told him I was coming home to commit suicide. Obviously, he talked me out of it. I went home, went to my doctor & got back on SSRI’s. The one thing I said I would never do again. I’ve been on Lexapro for a few months now & feeling good. I really didn’t want to go back on them but it was the better alternative. One year of hell was enough!

  • Forgot one thing. I have an appointment March 20 with a Chiropractic Neurologist who deals in all kinds of mental disorders with exercise and nutrition. I am praying this will work for me. I just wish the appointment were sooner but it’s all I could get. I will leave info here on how I made out. I’m certainly hoping it will work for me. It’s worked wonders with my grandson who has Aspergers. They do deal with anxiety and depression too providing it’s because of your brain not working correctly. I really feel that Prozac had messed up my brain!!

  • This is not a reply to the above. I just need to ask advice.
    Been off Prozac since August 1,2014.
    I took 5htp for over 3 months with no effect. I saw that it was one of the fake brands (Natures Bounty) that’s all over the news so I switched brands. I went to Puritans Pride. First dose of 2 100 mg made me light headed, dizzy and nausious. I changed to 1 twice a day instead. I’ve been taking it for a couple of weeks. I had some decent days but mostly bad days. The last few days I am so bad I am ready to go back on Prozac which I don’t want to do but I can’t live like this any more. I can’t handle the anxiety and depression anymore. I’ve also been having really bad thoughts that just pop up in my head for no reason. This is the really bad part. Should I go off the 5htp? Do you do it cold turkey or slowly?

  • I don’t see my last comment so I’m putting it back here again.
    I have been off Prozac since August 1st 2014. Went on 5HTP 100 mg daily on Dec 7th & started eating healthier foods. I also exercise daily. I have felt no relief at all from the depression & anxiety. I checked out the road back program which seems to be all about supplements. I checked them out and they all have possible side effects also. I don’t want to trade one side effect for another so what’s next. My counselor tells me this is not withdrawal because it’s been too long since I’ve been off Prozac. Call it what you want, I know it’s real.