Thursday, February 9, 2023

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  • What a horror story. Sad that things like this happen and more often than we are aware of I’m afraid. So glad you got out of the prison of psychiatry. I got out too but I was not successful at justice for what was done to me. Fortunately I am mostly OK, I think< and can live the remainder of my life free. Hope that you can as well.
    Thank you for your courage and for telling your story !

  • Someone else
    I agree. i was just thinking that same thing as I was reading the article. This is a windfall for psyche hospitals who get paid very well for “treating” persons , especially if that person has insurance. Forced “treatment” is a horrifying and very damaging thing to happen to a person, often doing permanent damage. this is not a good thing to divert people to treatment centers. What people need to learn to do is STOP CALLING the police for every little dispute and especially for family matters. Getting the police or any other “service” involved is often more damaging.

  • Copy cat
    I had much the same experiance – my Dr telling me “it’s safe”. I recently took myself off of several meds bcuz I had become totaly disfuntional. Last April I was on no less than 10 drugs that were psychoactive! I didn’t understand any of this until after my head cleard enough for me to be able to think. That’s when I started searching for what the heck happened to me. I was astonished at what I have found, literally dumbstruck astonished.
    It’s nothing short of a crime what the drug companies are doing. From hiding the truth to using doctors to push thier toxins ….