Wednesday, September 22, 2021

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  • well!there is no such thing as psychic disorders.its the opossite.i think the crazy ones are the other way around(there are not crazy either,nobody is crazy,crazy is the world from the first place and someone trying desperately to explain and stay in one path that he already knows and its more logikal to him).normal people are crazy.are crazy ,because we see how bizzare our life is,whats out there,but because we cannot fully explain ,we stay on one path ,just to make as comftortable..we explain things we cannot explain, with options that we see possible.but life wasent ment to be comfortable,you need a little crazyness to understand the whole,bizzare picture,but the system cannot work that way.we must walk on proofs,on sertainenty.but nature dont provide proofs,only the human mind can,that finds clues.the second is that those disorders we speak ,is like a mirror of how society works.its how society values a person and stay on that too much,that is wrong,because that person is not only his disorders,(in fact if a scizofrenic person is knowledgable enough he is a very usefull tool also)but society afraid of him ,that he dont fully understand and that is mirroring in his psychology.our psychology good and bad,comes from the evaluession we take among other people.our chemikal system in our brain is working from our psychology.disorders reflecting how society is working right now,because emotionally and knowledgable we are emature and we cannot understand that is our fault and it isnt ,because we have taboos that drive us back,too much egoism and too much protecting our own life properties and life is not like this way that:what the most people do ,its normal then.we must stop afraiding people with disorders ,because we cannot fully understand them.people thinking how the system is used to think.we must first consider them as not a patient,all humans must be egual,cause disorders are another aspect of life.our life we evolve.patients with disorders afraid to go out in life ,because they know what they are going to face.they sense too much.they sense what people thinks about them and this is making things worst.we afraid of them and we put them down,nobodys trying to listen to them carefully.they are also searching for anwsers about life and they are suffering the same things like us,but in a much grater level.scizofrenic peoples brain working with much greater dopamine than ours,this big energy in the brain of course sometimes will think erationally in this erationally eviroment,but if we treat it with caution ,to some level they will become real usefull,in some targeting circumstanses ,they will give another aspect of life.its just emotions and facts we must is made not to afraid other things in life,but other things are going to afraid the man and the man his self,his own mind.that stops aspects of life, just to be fit in a sertain way of life, folloded by the most people.i mean that humans dominate, they have nothing to fear in our planet,except our own fear and guild.and what is going to come, is going to come.also we hate easy and we love less.people suffering the most and some few of them are having fun and living great.this must stop!.people should be more helpfull eachother for real if you want disorders to disappierd.people must be more supportive and not give up easy, if you want things to really change.excuse my beliefs true or wrong and also my eng