Monday, October 18, 2021

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  • I cried watching these. I have experienced ecstatic dance while listening to trance music in my own home with no one watching me. Most times now my body pain is to significant to move like I want to. I love to dance. I think I will now start again, slowly and gentle..The benefits are too great to ignore. I like the feeling of chemicals releasing up my spine when it happen. thank you for this

  • Monica I am enjoying your posts and comments. I was put on antidepressants for chronic pain 6 years ago. It made a huge difference in my life. It changed my perception of the pain but I lost a lot of myself. My creativity diminished and i had a very flat emotional state. The anxieties I suffered all my life were gone. Still, this Spring past it seemed to now be working anymore and my doctor wanted to up the meds. I refused. I hated taking meds which is why I only relented to the psychs in my late 40’s because the pain and sadness seemed unbearable. I decided to come off them. It was horrors. I tapered but still had the usual withdrawal. I cried all the time which felt good actually, to feel again.
    My back pain is far worse now and I miss the bliss and energy I once felt on meds. I also have existential death anxiety and repetitive mortality and illness thoughts. I can’t stand long enough to finish a painting and doing chores is near impossible. I am sure those meds did something to the wiring in my brain. I am trying to take a proactive approach to my health but exercise makes it worse. I’ll be reading more of your work in hopes if discovering new methods. Cheers