Monday, November 28, 2022

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  • Thanks for posting this!

    OCD is one of the “gifts” psychiatry gave me. I used to be a little perfectionistic, but didn’t have OCD at all. Until I was started on antipsychotics for a simple adjustment disorder with anxiety. Zyprexa especially caused problems: chronic psychosis, anxiety, mood disorder, anger and extreme OCD.

    After 5 years of psychiatry the reason for my anxiety is long gone. But I’m completely disfunctional because of psychiatric meds and “treatment” (abuse).

    On meds I’m an obsessive, depressed zombie. I can’t feel love, joy, empathy, pleasure, spirituality. All I do is sleep, eat and surf the internet. Off meds I’m crazy. I’m extremely obsessive, depressed and psychotic.

    I was never like this. I had a temporary problem – anxiety for a threatening ex. Psychiatry stole my life. And for my son, they stole his mother.

    And i don’t know where to turn to now… psychiatry refuses to acknowledge how they themselves caused my problems. They are even trying to diagnose me with AUTISM now! Partly because of my obsessiveness. All my family and friends and care givers are shocked about that, because I was never like that before starting on meds.

    I used to be a normal woman before psychiatry… now I’m a wreck.