Friday, February 26, 2021

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  • Where to begin?

    I watched this documentary for an Abnormal Psychology class I was enrolled in this year. There are so many wonderful point this documentary hits that it is hard to express each briefly. I was very impressed by this film, I’ll start there. I enjoyed watching each aspect of it and enjoyed how ‘One Flew Over the Cookoo’s Nest’ was incorporated into the documentary- it is a film I have enjoyed in the past and will continue to enjoy in the future.

    The most interesting part of the documentary to me would have to be listening and learning the patient’s stories- they are so raw and so personal and truthfully, they inspired me to open up a bit about my own experience with metal health disorders. Like many, someone very close to me suffers from a mental health disorder that has resulted in this individual being hospitalized (more than once). It took me enrolling in this class (and learning about mental health hospitals) to realize that sometimes these hospitals that are made to be safe havens for troubled and misunderstood individuals are not always safe- don’t hold this against me as I have watched and read into older mental health institutions and gained a greater understanding of the mental health institutions then and now- but I had to stop and ask myself, how much has changed? Is a mental health hospital considered an actual hospital or jail? With how heavily the hospitals are abused by criminals, I am sure we are asking ourselves the same question… but then again, what is considered a criminal?

    The music in the film was so impressive- the fact that patients and staff came together to form something so beautiful to incorporate in such a documentary (featuring dark subject matter) is outstanding. However, I believe that the good was being portrayed in this film when in the end- I believe in both good and evil factors. Where was the bad (other than the darkness shared by the patients and the reasoning of why they ended up in the hospital in the first place). I find it is easy to display the good in things but hard to display the bad when no one wants to explain the reasoning behind the bad.

    I will take the information I learned from this documentary share it with others whom are interested. I believe great debates will come from this documentary and even better understanding on a subject that isn’t easily understood.