Monday, October 19, 2020

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  • They have destroyed my beautiful wife and after nearly ten years of quackery, I am now concerned about Chronic Brain Impairment because my sweet little girl now seems to meet everyone of the symptoms. When she isn’t in an internal fog, she recognizes this and we cannot allow her condition to worsen. A renown Architect who had a breakdown from all the pressure nearly a decade ago became their bi-polar guinea pig. Her story is much the same as I read on these pages…went from a highly athletic 100 pounds to 170 and complete inactivity without much desire to do anything. They have had her in and out of the hospital a few times and have kept her doped up on Lithium, Lamictal, Seroquel, Sapphris, Risperdal, a few more over the years I can’t recall and now have her hopped up on Geodone.

    We almost weened her off of everything ourselves a few years ago over a 6 month period and she was doing pretty good, but then got a little looney, which I think we could of handled with some valium or something and wound up in the hospital for a few days. She was almost back to normal, but since then she has been terrified to not take her pills and for some strange reason thinks the doctor that hooked her on all this stuff somehow cares. I think it is a drug dealer/user thing myself, but with this CBI situation and the corresponding irritability and anger issues, we are going to get her off of this poison once and for all. Shoot, I would rather have her smoke the Mary J and be wasted all day than what she is going through now.

    You seem to know this issue pretty well Monica and we could use any advice or help that you could offer. We are going to contact Dr. Shipko also and hopefully we can get this situation handled. Oh, and when she tapered down to almost nothing a while back, there weren’t any of the TD symptoms and all was physically well so hopefully that will not be problematic. Thank you for sharing your story and I was as appalled with what they did to you at 16 as I am with what has been done to the love of my lives. It is often tough to hide my anger and frustration, but we are not taking or listening to any BS anymore from anyone – it is over. It make take a few months to formulate a viable plan with Shipko and we will ensure that everything is in place for her to finally rid herself of this unbelievable and totally unnecessary burden.