Monday, May 10, 2021

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  • Hi there
    I have been taking prozac 5 years ago and I started having episodes or seizures about a year later. I have spoken to six doctors and all believe that it is not the anti depressants my husband and I beg to differ. I am now pregnant nobody can seem to tell me whats wrong with me and I had another 2 episodes recently. What happens? I wake in the night go to the toilet on way I feel sick my eyesight blurs. Then my temperature rises and I feel like I want to sweat blood from my body. I am incontinent collapse and fall in an out of a paralyzed consciousness. My body does not shake and the whole thing last about an hour with ten to twenty minutes of in and out of consciousness. My husband has watched these episodes. I am fearful for my baby. I have spent days and weeks trying to find out if anybody else has experienced these symptoms. Does anybody have a clue what it is?