Wednesday, September 28, 2022

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  • There is a much deeper paradox, or complexcity, at works here. A traumatic event is by definition a breaking of a narrative. If the collective subconscious is risen to the level of the known, then what could possibly count as a broken narrative?

    Continuously, i would argue, there can be no trauma-informed society, but there can be a more caring, more compassionate society.

  • It is ulimately what is most human in us that is the driving force behind the most terrible things.
    We are absolutly starved for recognition.
    I sometimes see people on social media, and they spread their suffering in all directions. They scream it out. See Snead Oconor’s posts for example.
    Are they ridden of the suffering through this practice?
    It doesn’t seem so to me. What they seek is in reality not the uni-directional scream, but an actual real conversion involving their whole self and so the other’s whole self.
    But starvation leads to eating binges, and dire lack of recognition leads to these acts, which in turn preserve the need itself.
    I see it a most vicious circle.

  • Several years ago I have written an article (in my mother tongue, Hebrew) titled “Not Brain Damaged”. It was a response to a widely popular article written by Rilli Willow, herself a rather famous “out of the closet” “mentally ill with manic-depression” (using her own words). The name of her article was “Not a Coper” – Coper, as in someone of is coping with a something major in his or her life, it the hebrew equibivilant of the english Ex-Patient.
    Anyway, to get to the point on my comment, my argument there was similar to yours here. In our desperate need for recognition, we hang on to every piece of it we can probably get. But this comes back to bite us in the behind. We suddenly require “special care”, and because we are now labeled as a “special community”, the global and social ideas we try to spread, are inherently silenced. Instead of being a vessel of communication for these social ills (sexual assault or childhood trauma), we are simply marginalized and being fed a false sense of progression.
    Its quite a grim thing.

    Anyways this is a faboulas article and deserves all the shares it allready got.