Sunday, September 20, 2020

Comments by Melanie Jannery

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  • Started reading a book this weekend that a fellow gardener recommended “The Happiness Diet” : Graham/Ramsey writing on the mad diet and in it states a large study was published in British Journal of Psychiatry that “found that eating processed foods, such as refined carbohydrates, sweets, and processed meats, increased the risk of depression by about 60%. Eating a whole-food diet, on the other hand, decreased the risk of depression by about 26%”. Knowing my own experience, I looked this up more as a study reveals more to some than one’s story.

    There is a little summary and an opinion of the study here

    The full study’s technical details are listed here

    I do wonder if we will ever have collectively have free salad refills instead of a free soda refill…or maybe even be able to purchase fruits and veggies with a discount with our ‘wellness card’ at the pharmacy checkout…instead, I do continue feel quite challenged combating my sadness that our society’s ways for the health of all humans here continue to promote foods that are “bad” for us. One day I hope to see a commercial or campaign on advertising fruits and veggies from the US Government or some grassroots organization, or maybe some processed foods company waking up to the health harms they have contributed to. I know there is no money in advertising fruits and veggies or methods of cooking whole foods, but there is a higher cost to not to get the message out there somehow…I continue to think on this issue somehow parallel to the cigarette companies and the hype with that…but somehow it is acceptable that we have convenience foods and one tiny ‘health food isle’ in our grocery stores yet many, many health issues are a direct result of lifestyle choices.

    My grandfather was a pharmacist and he would fill the individual capsules by hand. How can this be possible that the needs of people have changed so drastically to ‘need’ medicines as we do now…not that long ago…yet, would my grandmother recognize many of the “food” items people purchase in 2012? I doubt my great grandmother would! (a thought many books reflect upon today)

    “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.” 400BC Hippocrates