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  • I AM 62, on and off the horror pills for about 20 years. Tapered off them over 3 years. Found out the problem was poisoning (CIRS, same as the author). MTHFR genetics, HLA DR DQ mould susceptible genetics. I am happy, and enjoying life. You are 30? You have your whole life ahead of you or angela coral eisenhauer on facebook. I even did software testing, joined facebook developers team and helped on google translate, ad more (all unpaid of course). I want honesty to get out there, and wow, it is. I think this C vax, is the last death throes, of a corrupt regime.

  • Well said. I am a pathologist, went thru similar experience as the story here. When I ask for the testing I KNOW I need, I have to explain I am an ex pathologist first, or I get treated like an idiot.
    Then the doctor says, oh wow, you are B12 deficient, you are MTHFR< you do need blah, blah. In Australia now, all you need is the government software, follow their directions only. Doctors ARE NOT allowed to be doctors anymore. I mean they spend a fortune on study, they get paid heaps for drug trials, they are told they have to vaccinate babies to death, by the government health ministers (who have no medical training, but do own pharma shares). First do no harm? No doctors are puppets, they dont want to lose their medical licence, there charade as healers is worth more money to them, that an unemployed honest doctor.

  • I also had to get out of a marriage, where the husband loved the mad diagnosis. Justified his abuse. And three siblings now on antidepressants. As for valium, I also can not tolerate that. It killed my father in 1967, I am convinced of it. He suicided, it sent him crazy, just like it did me. He trusted doctors, I dont.

  • Trying to log i to make my OWN comment, doesnt seem to work. Anyhow, similar story to mine, but no Cipro, thank god. Zoloft caused my baby Steven to be born with half a heart (HLHS), he died after three days. my friend, also on Zoloft, in a very, small town, also had the same defect in her baby. TGA Australia, refused to list his death as a zoloft death I tried three times, and me being an ex pathologist didnt help their corruption. My problem also toxins from moulds. Lyme also, but getting out of the toxins, fixed my immune system, no more lyme. I also recovered, three years to taper, then realising my only problem was LOW B12 and MTHFR, and poisoning from an illegally built house (western Australian government housing, all seem to be illegal builds). ANyhow, thankyou so much for telling your story.

  • Absolutely FANTASTIC!!! Well done! I hope people are aware that Shire Pharmaceuticals had a new mental disorder added to DSM in 2014, called “binge eating disorder”, four months later it applied to have vyvanse passed by FDA to treat this disorder, the FDA fast tracked it, ie no testing AT ALL, as it was the only drug to treat this new “disorder””. Illegal to market diet drugs. Then set up all the on line charities, and lots of stuff in womens mags, and an old down an out ex tennis player, became the face of Vyvanse, and apparently had suffered this disorder for life? Well odd, as it only got invented in 2014. Now it makes sense, if it gets banned because it causes children to murder other children, well lets market it to obese women, who have no idea, they are taking a psych drug. As for Brian his page is fantastic. On a personal note, while in a mental institution (bad reaction to valium) and so many near deaths, and drugs, by week three, I actually had my baby in mother and baby ward, Graylands Mental Hospital Perth. I have never, ever been suicidal nor homicidal, yet that moment, I had my baby, three months old in the bath with me, and I could see was me pushing his face under the water……….. blaming him, for what? a horrific drug addled mental health system, and my horror reaction to valium? He is 21 now, I am so glad I still had an ounce of real brain left.

  • Get off all these meds, messed up more than just the brain. Expect diahorrea, vomiting, nausea, constant flu, inability to control temperature, physical pain, hair loss, scabby skin, and they are about 10% of the symptoms, some get electric head shocks, horrific nightmares, ruminations and irrational guilts about things that happened damn years before. Be prepared before you go off them, and do it slowly, sometimes takes years, not months.
    Yes your gut is completely messed up, as is liver, kidneys, blood pressure, liver, they damage all these things, but physically we heal, and mentally, we do also…………. Ignore the suicidal thoughts, and float on the waves, till you heal. THEN SUE THE BASTARDS!

  • Absolutely true steve, very well said. And I went around saying how wonderful they were to begin with, and damn I feel guilty now. Others, like my sister, will never admit it. She told me they arent addictive, etc, etc, well she has found out they damn are addictive, and I realise all her mental health problems, divorces, bankruptcies, yes all due to these horror drugs, I had no idea till the effexor did the same to me. Weird, I only went off them because of the high blood pressure, the high cholesterol, the stuffed liver and kidneys, they went back to normal, and gradually so has my brain. I now know how horrific all these pills are. go there for help.

  • So clear reading the comments on the threads about this on Facebook. The psychs, doctors, bureaucrats, seem so convinced their opinions are correct, never ever having been through the trauma of getting off these drugs ever. It is so clear to pick the comments from the psychologists, etc, who say, oh this will be a great study…… if they think that, I think they need more compassion, and obviously have never bothered to listen to patients who have tapered off the stuff.
    Those who have tapered, yes, are very concerned, that these poor patients, will fail, coming off the drugs, as this trial is already set up to fail. I hope to god, patients thinking of joining this trial, think again. We are not LAB RATS> I hate the undercurrent here, that ex patients, or patients are somehow mentally defective. We actually, are quite often, very, very itelligent people, maybe that is why we get targeted, and drugged. Listen to the success stories, of people getting off these poisons, and expecting a good result, from a bad trial, is absurd. PEOPLE TAKE 5 YEARS to successfully taper, expecting a good result from 6 month taper? Absurd.

  • Yes, but these people are already on these drugs. Cutting their drugs out over only 6018 months and expect a positive outcome, is absolute cruelty. They will all suffer immensely, If this person, doing this trial, had any empathy they wouldnt do this. Cruel. If there isnt funding to do this over 5 years or more, DONT DO IT. If there is only funding for 2 years ………. DONT DO IT, this is a trial obviously set up to fail…………..

  • Thanks I agree totally! Another stupid set up to fail study. I feel so sorry for the victims, the patients, who they are going to taper over 6-18 months, after suffering through this, then they will get withdrawals syndrome, around 6-18 months later, and the study will say………. ah tapering doesnt work, all these people went nuts. I think a trial set up for failure, like this, is immoral, unethical, and quite honestly, why??????????????????

  • I went to a psychiatrist, for advice to come off, ie taper. He said nothing, he really didnt have any information….. In hindsight, I think he was just ready to pick up the pieces after I tried, I found out the hard way, 3 months tapering is a recipe for disaster…. I truly think that this psychiatrist had never ever, seen anyone get off the medications. And I certainly am not going back, sick of the “”tell me your life story””…… instead of what drugs are you on, ah, no wonder you are nutty! So going to a psychiatrist for information on tapering, is not very useful……….. Join an on-line support group.

  • Absolutely, well said. I was prescribed these poisons to help me sleep…………. I refused them to begin with, as they were for psychosis, and schizophrenia, and I just needed a damn sleep aid. The psychiatrist, looked at me and said, “”ah, but if they work, they work””………….. everything to these mad psychs is a drug trial. Yep, they were another lot of freebies, out of the psychs cupboard………… god, lab rats we are.

  • Another trial set up to fail. 6-18 months to wean people off these drugs? No where near long enough. All will suffer withdrawal syndrome sometime after they are off completely, around 6-18 months OFF THE MEDICATION. Then it will be said, ah look they all relapsed. As for the ones on low maintenance doses, they will be OK, as a low dose, has much more effect per mg, than higher doses.

  • Yep, I went from situational depression, to major depression, to seizures, then I was told I was also PND, and or bipolar and of course (if I had told them about the voices ) no doubt would have been told I also have psychosis and schizophrenia…………AND I CAN TELL YOU EXACTLY WHAT PILLS CAUSED WHAT. I never ever had anything, till I took those very first meds, AT AGE 35, because I was feeling low????? and downhill all the way. All these drugs are torture drugs.
    Yes I have got off them before, this time the hardest. Yes, I have been hit with psychosis damn over 12 months off the drugs. I am not the only one, as for attempting to take people off these drugs in 6 months? 12 months or 18 months later withdrawals will hit. Takes years, to do it slowly, and reduce the shock to the brain.
    I truly think this trial is one of those purposely set up to fail.

  • So they will reduce the meds over 6 months to 18 months. Sounds like they are purposely setting up a trial to fail. 6 months is way too short a time and will not work. 18 months is also way too short a time to taper someone who has been on high medication and/or on it a long time.

    My question, why set up a trial, when it is obvious it will fail? Taper them over 3 years then you might actually get an accurated result. 6 months -18 months? what rubbish, they will all go into Withdrawal Syndrome, and it will get named “”relapse””…………. anyone considering being a part of this trial? dont, taper yourself over 3 years or more.

  • Natural News is not the best source of anything, he seems to read stuff, and go off on a ramble…………… here is the best information on homicides and suicides caused by antidepressants it is difficult to get the drug use listed on the autopsy.
    Illegal drugs get listed
    Legal drugs dont get listed…… needs to change. Just because they are within “legal dose levels”” doesnt mean they are not dangerous.
    People kill usually within first 10 days going on these drugs. A 14 year old put on paxil for acne! Dead in three days. Man put on the stuff aged 58 for stress, stabs his wife, then stabs himself………. These are not isolated occurances, but how can you blame these out of character events on a mythical illness, when in reality this man just went on a mind bending drug? All legal.

  • Hi Krystin if psychotherapy doesnt work, I would just say it doesnt work. I wouldnt feel the need to get genetic, to have to prove a theory as to why it doesnt work. I absolutely think diet has so much to do with this, as does vaccine damage, toxins and pollutants. In my case, I thought my father, myself and my son, were very different, in that valium sends opposite, to what it should do, according to the doctors. I now find that at least 20% of people that use ANY DRUG, have the opposite effect as to what that drug should do……….. We dont have defective genetics, we are just all different. It seems that the one drug fits all, ie Viva Zypexa, cures everything from acne to menopause, is an absolute pharma scam……….. All psych drugs, are proving to be in the same basket, major pharma scams.. When an actual study into GSK paxil for children sends 10 out of 98 kids suicidal in only 21 days, and another wanting to go home and murder his parents, comes back as PAXIL Is SAFE AND EFFECTIVE>>>>>>>>> how could that happen? 14 billion profit, on deaths, and disabilities caused by paxil, for a 3 billion fine. Crime does pay if you are a pharmaceutical company.

  • Keep putting in the coolant fixes the problem, but isnt fixing the engine. As for blaming genetics, for the failure of prozac et al, that is like blaming vaccines for not working, because we have the wrong genes to match the vaccine. Or blaming antibiotics for not working, because we are somehow defective in our body chemistry. Why do people feel they have to somehow apologise, by finding a genetic marker so they can explain why a drug doesnt work. Do psychiatrists manipulate our minds to that ridiculous extent????? The biggest pharma scam in history, if our drug doesnt work, or our vaccine doesnt work, it is actually YOUR fault?????

  • Re family and mass murders, caused by antidepressants if you havent heard of Columbine, and all the others, where is your head shoved? How about Germanwings, gone blank? Or do you really not research, and keep up to date? Women jumping in front of trains with babies, men driving off bridges with kids in the car………………… these people, never ever shown violence until they go on these drugs……………. all hidden, all blamed on the pretend illness , never on the damn drugs….. Autopsy, nah, dont list the paxil, in their system, or the effexor, or the zoloft, as they are all withing the right medication dosage………….. If you dont, admit this damage being caused by these drugs, time you stopped being a damn psychiatrist.

  • Absolutely brilliant article (bit long winded?) but spot on……….. “”””By pouring more serotonin (radiator fluid) into the synapses, one might (and this is a considerable might, at best) temporarily relieve the symptoms. Old antidepressants such as Elavil put more serotonin in the synapses. New antidepressants such as Prozac accomplish the same function by preventing the re-uptake of serotonin in the synapses and creating a larger pool of serotonin on which to feed. However, what serotonin actually does is create a hardening of the self and an unconflicted selfishness. It intensifies an emotional hardening toward others. When fighting, you are hard and cruel. Your enemy is an “it,” not a person. There is an attitude of coldness and hatred toward your adversary. This amplifies the emotional reality of the invisible sadomasochistic personas. The escalated hardness and coldness from adding in extra fuel for aggression is often experienced as feeling good. This is due to the fact that there is no conflict over hurtfulness. This has been numbed. To heal from cruelty, you have to feel the appropriate remorse and regret.””” Summarises everything so wonderfully. I have been there, I have been that suddenly demanding arrogant selfish bitch, and yes felt a sense of power for that, instead of the normal me that actually had some sort of guilt and compassion………………… I have been that woman, that suddenly blamed everything on a small little baby, and could have quite callously drowned him………….. luckily, I still had a bit of brain left! Thankyou so much, this is spot on…….. It also explains to my why people suicide going on the drug (their brain hasnt managed to self regulate down the flood of serotonin, yet)… and also why those going through horrific withdrawals, and suicidal thoughts when coming off the drugs, rarely suicide………. the thoughts are there, but more balanced serotonin, means they are compassionate enough to themselves, not to do it. My observations only, thanks for the great article……..

  • lucilda, beg pardon? You a doctor trying to be a joker or something? I got prescribed a valium for being exhaused with a newborn, fully breastfed baby, it nearly killed both of us. As for normal alcohol use, bollocks! Effexor turned me into drinker. These pills cause these addictions, and instead of blaming these deadly pills, the alcohol gets blamed? Easy for me, went of the pills, didnt need the alcohol. Read rxisk “”Driven to drink”” you might actually learn something……….. I thought his narrative was great, are you are writers critic or something? Or perhaps a troll for Merck?
    I had serious psychiatric symptoms for damn 20 years (on and off). All caused by the meds.
    Every time, I have gone to a gp, for any problem, what do they prescribe, damn psych drugs. They dont say they are psych drugs………… so many times I have been conned, so many times, got off the stuff.
    People only get valium for being hysterical, beg pardon? I was exhausted two kids, and a newborn, and an absent husband…. here darlin take this tablet and go home and sleep…. that one tablet damn near killed me…. instead of blaming the tablet, I got to spend three weeks in a psych wards, before they actually realised there was nothing wrong with me (nearly killed me three times on damn psych drugs).
    Psychiatry is a con, and you lucinlda, really, really offend me. Unhappily psychiatric diagnosis, is bullshit and rubbish, so of course not easy nor clear cut….. But while you are around, obviously there are going to be thousands more of us, suffering at the hands of ppsychiatric bullshit.
    As the present DSM bible stands, with all the votes for new and more bizarre “”illnesses”” so the pharma profits grow, so the psych profits grow, everyone in the world, could have a psych diagnosis. I suppose you diagnose them in 10 minutes as well?
    Reality, the nutters in this world ARE the psychiatrists.

  • I am just so puzzled, why you blame everything on benzodiazipines? I can not tolerate benzos (yep one tablet 3 week inpatient stay)…………..
    Later I took 1/4 valium, and realised why I had that three week inpatient stay…. much longer story, but that will suffice.
    My experience with SSRIs, zoloft, effexor mostly.
    I went of zoloft, due to pregnancy, I was fine for damn 12 months, then the Withdrawals began….I had no idea, didnt expect it.
    Same going off Effexor, couldnt do it, had to switch to zoloft. Effexor is the worst.
    Went off everything 14 months ago. I tapered, but after 4 months of feeliing fine, the Withdrawals Hit, they get worse, now at 18 months out, I have had about two weeks in that whole time where I actually felt near normal, the other 17 and a half months? Agony…………… If you can walk your dog, you are way better than me, most days I cant leave the house……..
    So why are you putting all the blame on Benzos? SSRIs and SRNIs and seroquel, no benzos, and damn this I know, will last years, i hope I live long enough to recover.

  • I was one of first on Zoloft, Western Australia, freebies in docs cupboard, went to get on script, werent released yet, so he gave me more freebies…. in the chemist, I asked to look up side effects, I was particularly concerned, should I fall pregnant. The book stated clearly “no side effects noted in use in pregnancy”” I now realise that translates to “never, ever tested on pregnant women””. Outcome? fell pregnant, gave up Zoloft within 8 weeks, too late…. seemingly beautiful healthy baby boy, dead in agony by day 3, yes a Zoloft half a heart baby. I wrote to TGA, reported it everyhere, even wrote to PMs office. Now they are suing in USA, I got curious, and asked for my report from TGA, after 19 years? no report, they filed it in the damn bin. I try and do another report, this year, ask to see it, refused, as it is confidential??? beg pardon, just want to make sure it is correct. Finally got new report, yep blames everything EXCEPT zoloft…………. What is wrong with these morons? Too hurtful, to try again, I have given up, the fraud, the hiding results, is just too damn blatant.

  • glad you are recovering this thing called psycotropic drug abuse………….. the lies, the fraud, the corruption is disgusting.
    I am recovering, now I know the only problem in my family, is bad reactions to damn valium………….. no mental illness ever in my family, my dad just reacted to the drug of the day (1966), as I and my daughter does…… nearly killed us, sends us psycho………………. I knew, when it happened a second time…
    doctors always lied, and said valium doesnt do this, well it does in my family.

  • Research in this field has yielded another interesting result, however. Many young people who are “at-risk” as children of depressed parents have “remarkably positive mental health outcomes without intervention.”
    Obvious isnt it? Medication makes the parents worse, the kids same genetics, if it isnt working for the parents (the pills), it isnt going to work for the kids either…… so dont medicate the kids, and they are fine.
    I thought I had mental illness in my family, now I find out our only problem, starting with the suicide of my father in 1966, is most of my family, can not tolerate valium…… I learnt this the hard way….. diagnosis? Mental disorder runs in the family, you have psychosis, bipolar, blah, blah, reality? We just cant tolerate damn valium.
    So how many kids out there, get medicated with the same stuff, that is sending their parents off the planet? Ie causing their mental illness, and depression. The pills kill…………

  • As for different types of psychosis? If you didnt lose touch with reality and didnt have delusions, you werent suffering psychosis. If you are happy labelling yourself, that is your choice. What do you really have? You said it, a fear of persecution, that is not any mental illness I know of. I have a fear of heights, I dont class that as a mental illness either, but if someone dragged me to the edge of a cliff, I certainly wouldnt act rationally either.

  • Reducing dosage and symtoms coming back, is called Withdrawal Syndrome. That is why it is a slow process to wean off medications. It is not a return of the “”illness”” it is the brain trying to greow and heal after the damage done by the medications. If you are happy sticking to your medications, that is fine. For many people, however, they either have too many side effects, or they “”poop out””, a term for they no longer work. When they no longer work, you are still addicted to them, you can not give up suddenly. this is the dangerous stage, when doctors start switiching medications, upping the dose, and adding antipsychotics and mood stabilizers, and amphetamines….not that you have psychosis, or mania, just that they dont know what else to do.

  • thankyou Robert, I am presently taking CBD oil, day 8… I was “cured”by day 3. I am now hoping to study medicinal cannabis, I have background in pathology, chemical analysis, librarianship, and horticulture. I now have a future. Was suffering severe AD withdrawals for over a year.

    After I lost Steven, I stayed clean, and had James, he is happy healthy, and just turned 18.

    Thankyou everyone for you kind replies. (Despite TGA not accepting my report).. My gp was ready, when a friend fell pregnant on zoloft, did scan, yes another half a heart zoloft baby, but they were ready, girl is now about 14. The surgeons in Australia, learnt very quickly, how to help these babies, yes so many were being born, with exactly the same, very, very, very previously rare, HLHS>.

  • Thankyou, if you want a supportive group, has been my lifeline this last 12 months.

    I no longer believe in any of the labels I have been given. Actually the only one I gave myself was Aspergers, but damn that was the very first one to get removed from that huge book of so called psychiatric disorders 🙂

    Have a wonderful Christmas everyone. I am over the fear of the men in white coats, and that is very very difficult for most.

  • Great comment, also I forgot to mention what zoloft did for me? Killed my baby. I was one of the first lab rats, accidentally got pregnant, gave up zoloft immediately, half a heart baby, after being born healthy, died in agony 3 days later rip little man 24-8-95 – 27-8-95 sorry australians do day then month. Reported to TGA, checked 19 years, later, they filed the report in the damn bin.

  • Well I know what these AD s and drugs have done for me: zyprexa (paxil), sent me psychotic, valium sends me manic, effexor turns me into an idiot, lithium turns me into a mini “hulk”, dothiepin gives me siezures….. the cause of me having a mental illlness to start with? One damn valium tablet.

    You give a child one damn pill, you will never, ever know what potential your child may have had, you will never know the real personality of that child. Giving children these drugs is child abuse, and the drug companies that produce them are murderers. GSK, have the blood on their hands of thousands over their fraud, called paxil trial for kids well worth just a quick look at two graphs.

  • They also die…………………. Zoloft causes so many deadly deformities. My baby died after only 3 days. Zoloft use for only the first 8-10 weeks, meant he only had half his heart develop. SSRIs increase the likelihood of serious deformites by 7 times………… that was on CDCs report……….. but they actually said this increase ‘WAS NEGLIBIBLE”??? BEG PARDON???? My babies death was another “negligible”, no my baby was murdered by zoloft, I was one of the very first guinea pigs, yep, freebies out of the doctors cupboard, as it hadnt even been passed for use in Western Australia………… I looked in the big pharmacy book and it said “not known to cause problems during use in pregnancy”……… yep 20 years later, I know the translation of this, it is “NEVER TESTED ON PREGNANT WOMEN””…. ie so of course , not known to cause problems in pregnancy………… and sorry my darling little Steven who died in agony, I dont think he was appreciative of being a zoloft lab rat, neither am I. 20 years now, of more zoloft et al deformities, finally suing in USA……………… I tried to report this to TGA 20 damn years ago, yes report filed in the damn bin. I tried again this year, tried twice, still not listed correctly, and I am told I can not see my own damn report, cause it is confidential? What bshit, just filed in the bin, yet again.

  • Antidepressants lead to addiction. Why they keep ignoring this is beyond rational common sense. I have all four symptoms of addiction from SSRIs………. Most poeple trying to get off them, yes lie to doctors (if they didnt the doctors will CT them, and that is a big fear, or else demand they take more drugs, and yes, doctors have the power……)………..
    Yes, you end up taking more and more, until you realise how these drugs are horribly addictive, and destroying your life,
    Yes you end up without a life, just like all the “”illegal drug addicts” end up on disability or suicide.
    they destroy your real personality, just like all the illegal drugs do.
    But hey, they are cheap, these drug dealers all backed by governments, and on the PBS schemes, gosh the drugs are cheap. Great con from Legal drug pushers………. Yes so angry, lied to, life destroyed…………..

  • Yes, we do, all people involved in these shootings had RECENTLY been put on psychiatric medications. Read or people get labels after they go nuts on the medications. The Pills Kill, Germanwings pilot, the pills sent him nuts, sad story, but look into every school massacre in USA, every one, every killer, had just gone on meds…………….. Psychiatric medications, such as Ritalin, Zoloft, Prozac, Paxil, can send 1 in 10 people crazy, even written in the sheet enclosed with the pills (FINALLY!). Why arent the drug manufacturers taken to court for murder?

  • No not flawed at all, I personally know of someone who tried to shoot themselves, it failed. This person is alive and well today. Sudden desair, grab a gun, all over. No gun, takes rationaly thought how to kill oneself, and taking time to think, saves people.
    An how many little kids, shoot themselves or others. How did a 10 year old shoot an 8 year old, who wouldnt let him see her puppy? Would that boy have killed her if he didnt have a gun? Absurd.

  • Elizabeth, are you sure that some sort of medications did not set off you whatever at age 28? I have been through similar in my life, but mine were clearly linked to getting off medications, or damn a horrible inability to tolerate valium…………

  • I was one of the first guinea pigs on this evil drug, looked in a big book at the pharmacy, where I couldnt pick up my script, as it wasnt even passed for use in Australia, when my damn psychatrist gave me the freebies from his cupboard……. Anyhow, yes I fell pregnant unexpectedly, gave up the drugs the zoloft within 8-10 weeks………… too late, the damn big pharma book, said no problems noted in pregnancy, only later I learnt this was pharma speak for NEVER EVER TESTED FOR USE IN PREGNANCY> RIP lovely Steven, born seemingly healthy, dead in agony, three days later. Yes half a heart HLHS…………… 19 years now, I been trying to get TGA to get the report right, still they seem unable to…………………………………. I cant sue, I live in Australia, no one, has helped me for 19 damn years…….. I feel so guilty, I should have tried harder, so many more disabled and dead babies, in those 19 years…………………………..

  • I agree, I live in Australia, difficult to find anyone to help get off the meds. Why? Because it is only now that people are trying to do it………… I now see only my gp, and he learns, from me………… if it works, it works, the only support I have ever had has been surviving antidepressants website because they basically say “”you are not alone”…. and what works for others, may work for me……………

    I went to a new psychiatrist about 4 years ago, saying I wanted to get off the drugs, he said nothing………… I didnt know the hell it would be, ended up like most, on a whole bigger cocktail of more……………..I am basically 12 months out from the stuff now, and I truly believe it will take me another 6 years to get well,,,,,,,, so yes, the 17 years lost life, I agree with, lost finances, lost marriage, lost friendships………… all gone.

  • Yep 3 billion fine because their mumps vaccine trials were frauds, now proven their pertussis vaccine is causing outbreaks of pertussis…. and even fully vaccinated with no symptoms, are spreading it…. Newborn babies infected by their on mothers (carriers)…. real immunity is a life long immunity, nd this immunity is passed to infant in breast milk, with this vaccine which I call Merck Murder, mothers immunity des not pass to baby…. outcome? Nothing, still pushing the MMR and the DTap on every child, in Australia, why????????????

  • Being a bit wimpish with there results arent they? “” In general, adverse effects on physical health are greatest with antipsychotics, followed by mood stabilizers, tricyclic antidepressants and newer antidepressants.”””” They always seem to think newere is better, when that is anything but the truth, the newer have patents, and make the manufacturer more money..
    1. All ADs cause harm and illness, both psychologicial and physical.
    2. Newere antidepressants are proving worse than the old tricyclics.
    3. Women taken antidepressants during pregnancy are 7 times more likely to have a deformed baby. (That does not take into account miscarriages caused by these drugs).

    Oh well, if one “researcher” is brave enough to say something, even in such a wimpish way, at least that is a start. Maybe more people are finally brave enough to say the emperor “Merck, et al” truly have no clothes.

  • And the bipolar? Yeah only took 8 weeks on medication, to go manic, and of course, then told(No its not the medication, hohoh, it doesn’t do that), you are now bipolar (Yeah I was 35, suddenly bipolar?)……. Yes, the truth, I had serotonin syndrome….. all clear in hindsight. I now think psychiatrists are true witch doctors, now imagine if I told them that!

  • The illogical, unchecked by our current society ‘delusions of grandeur’ based, caste system. This system only seems to exist when doctors put themselves on a pedestal. The psychiatrists I have met? Even damn worse, and for people who have been abused, ie the gentlest ones in our society, become victims of this horrific system…… Yes the delusions of grandeur of Psychiatrists, is disgusting. The DSM V, shows this ………. no physical way of diagnosis, so they are so grandiose, they can make up their own diagnosis, label us, medicated us, and send us crazy (thus proving their diagnosis???).
    Yes, the first question should be to ask the patient, “what are you on, what have you been on previously” In my case one damn valium, let to 8 years of Effexor, ( oh valium doesn’t cause that! hohoh!) YES IT DOESN, IN ME! Hoping one day to get back to how my mind was, that day, before taking that one damn valium. My loss of everything in 8 years, I will never get back.

  • I also got all my medical records from these torturous horrific three weeks in that place………….. and I got them all, two things struck me.
    1. The records of my medication were sometime indecipherable…. and yes, I challenged what they said, the reply “the records are not clear”………. I know I am a pathologist, and damn I cant decipher them either.
    2. Everyones comments about me were written except all the comments from my then husband were “”erased”……………. why? All this has done, is make me more suspicious of him, if they had left the comments, I could interpret them, in an understanding way………. I will never know.
    Their reasoning for ? I have yet to work out…………….. the assumption I make, is that I was the nutter, he was my carer, and he has more rights than me. Why?

  • Well I went voluntarily to Perth Western Australia mental hospital, nearly 20 years ago……. and no things dont change…… I was VOLUNTARY, as I knew I wasn’t right, ie all clear in hindsight, horrific reaction to one damn valium the gp gave me………
    But when I arrived at said institution Graylands, they had no beds, they gave me medication, that sent me crazier (I wok up quite well after being knocked out for 2 days, waiting for hspital transfer) 🙂 but damn what do they do in a mental hopital? The give ya drugs! So ended up in a locked ward, because there either
    1. were no beds
    2. the same psych ran that ward and mother and baby ward (yeah they forgot to send baby with me?)
    After all these years, I went back to my gp, the one who had no idea a valium could send someone so nuts, and I asked him……….. I said I was told by everyone in graylands, that I was INVOLUNTARY patient………. His reply, and yes, I trust him was “WELL THEY LIED”

    My question, as a voluntary patient, what right did they have to separate me from my newborn, fully breast fed baby (the transport said my baby was with me….. they lied).
    What right did they have to lock me in a locked ward?

    I will be asking these questions now, my 4 children have grown, I am nearly off all the damn poisons, and I got my brain back (well part of it)…………………….

  • A boy aged 10 in Western Australia, Perth just held up a truck driver, with a cap gun. Recently he has been up to other mischeif. The report quoted his mother and brothers in the court, being quite distraught, ie not your average disfunctional, non caring family.
    Sounds so much like antidepressants/antipsychotics being prescribed to a young one, and he is suffering. Anyway, I forwarded this article, and an explanation to the author of the artcle :

    Ref: The Sunday Times, Western Australia

  • As a victim of zoloft, and of effexor…. and others, now recovering. Thankyou for this video. It helps me shed some of my overwhelming guilt. When it wasnt me, it was the drugs.

    My own experience has been that once put on “drugs”, I started to look for a reason for my depresssion……..(now I know the depression was not even there……before the damn pills), anyway, my experience is that I went looking for people to blame, ie my boss at work, all her fault, or my husband, all his fault . I would ruminate through things long past…………….. once I was forcibly medicated and in a mother and baby ward, with my beautiful 3 months old baby…. They allowed me to have the baby in the bath with me, and I had the most overwhelming urge to blame him, and drown him……….

    Luckily I still had some brain left, but that urge, so sudden, so out of the blue, haunts me still…… my son is now 20, and finally I can tell the truth….. Imagine if I had reported to the doctor, what the leaflet now says to report “thoughts of suicide or homicide”. Imagine if I had admitted that then……… I would not have kept my children.

    I was given a valium once by a gp, because I couldnt sleep…….. It sent me psychotic (I only realise that now).. thus the beginning of my horrors with SSRIs, SRNIs…………I thought I was mad,. now I know there never was anything wrong, just me trusting my sister, and her doctor………

    That valium that night, I had a fully breastfed baby, and if those drugs sent me so crazy, what were they doing to him, in my milk….. That night he stopped breathing three times, and in my psychosis, I still raised him into the cold air, and he breathed again………… Now what if he had died? I would be on a murder charge?

    Well done to all in this video, it is spot on, so true……………….

    There was only one fatality, during my time on and off these drugs, For 8 weeks use of zoloft in first trimester, my son Steven was born healthy, only to die an agonizing death after 3 days, yes the first HLHS baby in Australia……….. I reported it everywhere……… after 19 years I contact TGA, they cant find the report. I did it again, and still took me many edits and perserverance, as they wanted to blame everything BUT the zoloft.

    After effexor? I lost everything, marriage, home, employment,…….. and I didnt realise how reckless i was, how NOT ME, I was, until I got off the stuff………. that took two plus years of hell…………My son and I were homeless for a while…………

    Anyone thinking that legal pills are OK? DONT DO IT! Will destroy your life, and if you escape without a death, after these horrible pills, you are lucky. I am so grateful, I never drowned my beautiful boy………………..

  • Yeah, whatever. I never had any mental illness till a mad psychiatrist put me on 375mg of dothiepin. I was damn 36……….. never had any mental health labels……….. Stupid me……I trusted a doctor…… I never drank, smoked, did illegal drugs, I was a virgin put on double recommended doseof dothiepin…. 8 weeks later? When manic, went nuts, he never said he had overdosed me and I had serotonin syndrome, he just said “nah dothiepin doesnt do that, you have underlying bypolar, uncovered by medication””””” I spent three weeks in hospital with the biggest migraine, I couldnt move………….. Off the stuff and quite fine, I stupidly went back to see this doctor……….. Why? I will never know, maybe nbecause my addicted sister was secretly in love with him and thought he was wonderful……… buggar!
    Bullshit,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, this man destroyed me, I am finally recovering, slowly, off his poisons… long story the rampant greenie will be my site.

  • ?Similar thing……. In Australia, my daughter has three children diagnosed as autistic…It suits her because she gets exxtra payments, and benefits for her three boys….. It suits the school as the school gets extra funding for more teachers and resources for each diagnosed autistic child.
    In my opinion, no, none of them are autistic…. and none are medicated. So what does it matter, the labels get the school more funding, and the parents more benefits.

  • And best of all psychiatrists dont have to “prove” their diagnosis to anyone………. more powerful than witch doctors, well that is basically what they are? They control your mind, make you submissive, and destroy your life. And who gives them all the freebies in their cupboard? Big Pharma, yep I was a victim on zoloft baby birth defects… Given the “freebies”out fo the cupboard, before the damn drug was even passed for use. We are human guinea pigs, lab rats……… obscene!

  • I was conned, absolutely conned………………. Psychiatrists are arrogant and ignorant, self important idiots. What a profession? They can lock people up and forcibly medicate them (even though it was their treatment that failed)…….they can add drugs, the drugs make you worse?? no, they say, no it is an underlying what is the one at present? Oh, underlying bipolar.. get sicker, ah underlying psychosis, get sicker, ah underlying…. never ever their treatment failure? The drugs that have never been tested beyond 6 weeks? Arrogant and ignorant. And full of self importance, and who dares question a damn psychiatrist? I reckon they have more fun than crooked cops.

  • Problem is antidepressants are handed out like lollies… Husband died? Upset after 2 weeks, ah antidepressants… Feel shy in public? Social phobia, take antidepressants…. then try and go off them, they are damn more addictive than heroin… result, sever major anxiety and depression, suicidal thoughts, when you never had them before drugs. Big Pharma, drug dealers beyond belief…. now they even testing ecstacy as an antidepressant? What? Cant buy it illegally, but take it from your local drug dealer doctor, the psych? Addicts…… and to kick the habit, it is damn hard.

  • Yes antidepressants make people drug happy, and they last for 10-20 years max……../ if you are lucky, then they dont work, you have to go off them, you suffer severe, severe illness, worse than “social anxiety”… by then you got stuffed heart, suffed liver, stuffed kidneys…. but damn, you get your brain back, like awakening from a dream, you laugh again, you cry again……….. Antidepresessants help? Who, the happy person who leaves the psychs office after 6 weeks???, he never sees the mess, when they fail, as they all do.

  • no, go to surviving antidepressants they are the best …………
    I been off drugs now 6 months, effexor, the devils tic tacs, had to bridge to that bastard zoloft…… 6 months of praying I will die, but waking up every morning to repeat the agony again……….. I tapered (too quickly) over 3 months……….. Now, I am finally recovering……….. Those drugs are poisons, not only mentally, but on effexor, I had stage 3a kidney disease, stuffed liver, high blood pressure and high cholesterol………… off that poison for 18 months,,,,, all back to normal…… Yeah the doctor wanted to add more, and more drugs…………….effexor for 8 years? lost everything, ended up on disability support………….. Great drugs eh?

  • I took zolft for first 8 weeks of pregnancy…. why? Husband had a vasectomy, I wanted to be pregnant again. Buggar, vasectomy failed. I was horrified that I was pregnant and on drugs. I got off those damn pills, cut from 50mg to ZERO in 8 weeks…..too late, wonderful pregnancy, just like my other four…. born? happy healthy, dead in three days…. HLHS………(died in agony)………………
    Happy pills destroy, happy pills destroy marriages, happy pills make you a zombie… My main anger?
    I was on zoloft in 1995…………… and doctor reported it is quite safe to take in pregnancy, there are no reports of birth defects… Why no reports of birth defects? No-one ever tested it on pregnant women………… I will meet those lying drug dealers called big Pharma, in hell… I’ll be waiting for em.

  • Hi Robert I also got severely depressed around age 15. My wise doctor didnt believe in medicating children for this, after 12 months I came out of it naturally (I kept going to school, eating, sleeping).

    Yes, you can learn how to cope without the pills. Sadly, I was convinced 30 damn years later, that I was a depressive, and episodes would get worse and worse… what bull! I was depressed at the time, and believed that without my own logical mind saying,,, ok, get depressed once ever 30 years, I can cope with that.. done it before.

    Long story short 8 years on effexor? Destroyed my life, wish I was dead, but i keep waking up every day. I used to love life………….