Tuesday, February 7, 2023

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  • hello everybody ,i ve read an article about the great benefits for the cure of schizofrenia and other mental hillness by fasting for long periods(25-30 days).it was practised in russia in the sixties by dr nikolayev in moscow.does anybody knows if the results are true.a doctor named alan cott made more or less the same discoveries

  • hello deron,i am stefano from italy and i have read all your posts.i really appreciate your way of thinking.i never used meds even if it s 10months i am in bad depression with ‘bad’ toughts most days.i am trying to resist from takin meds because i am afraid of them.do you know of some form of psycotherapy that really work.i have been in some psycotherapy but didn t work.talking is not enough because even if you know your problems and the connection with the past,that often is not enough for real change and heal of anxiety and depression,there must be something else to free the body from the bad emotions.i have read books of laexander lowen about bodypsycotherapy .what do you think? glad to speak to you.greetings from italy