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  • I’d love to contact my congressman and urge him to vote against this bill but that wouldn’t do any good since he WROTE the bill. I’d also like to vote against him in November, but in our gerrymander district that is majority Republican he runs unopposed. Dr. Murphy also collects millions of dollars from the Pham industry and is paying them back with the legislation. This is nothing but a giveaway to big Pharm at the expense of community mental health. It won’t be long before this bill, WHEN PASSED, will be used as a weapon against those that oppose the medical, political, and industrial establishment. It comes down to my Congressman wanting to forcibly institutionalize me and subject me to treatment with harmful drugs and shock “therapy” . This is something you’d expect from the Old Soviet Union, not the USA in 2016!

    it would only be symbolic but I’d like to see Dr. Murphy lose his license over this unethical and inhuman legislation.

  • I cannot speak for how pilots license are issued in Germany but as a former private pilot I can tell you about the US.

    The medical screening when it comes to drugs for pilots is a JOKE! When I was flying I needed what is called a 3rd class medical certificate. This requires passing a physical and vision exam given by an FAA approved doctor. In my area, there are about 12 such certified doctors. I had to provide the doctor, who never saw me before, with a list of medications. I wasn’t on anti-depressants at the time so there was no issue. IF I was I could have easily left them off the list and the doctor would not have known. There was NO requirement for the FAA doctor to validate my medications with my main doctor.
    When I started to take anti-depressants I voluntarily let my medical certificate expire and did not renew it. This means I was unable to renew my pilots license and i could only fly when a flight instructor was in the plane at the controls next to me. I could have easily lied to the FAA doctor and kept on flying.

    I am not at all surprised this pilot was able to keep flying even though he was on several drugs that should have kept him on the ground.

  • What does that say about anti-depressants if 2 out of 3 people using them still experience symptoms so server they feel they need to do something about it, like add a booster medicine?

    I think the ads play to people who are desperate to feel better, people who are just plain feed-up with being depressed and feed-up with how depression has taken over their lives. Like me they are frustrated and even though they should know better they are willing to try anything. There are alternatives to adding a booster drug, but they are not advertised or presented to people by their doctors. I tried Abilify and other booster drugs without much success. Well, they did work but the side effects outweighed the benefits for me.

    I honestly do not know what the answer is for depression, or even if there is just one answer (I’m sure there is not) but I do know more drugs isn’t helping. What DOES help is site like Mad in America where people can have a voice and hear the other side of the drug story.

  • A politician caught lying? I’m SHOCKED!

    While this is a brilliant idea to go after his professional license it is not going to get him out of congress. He has the support and money of BIG Pharma behind him and a solid Republican majority in his district where he runs unopposed. He will simply give up his license and the whole matter will go away and no one will care. Even if he is found guilty of misusing his staff he will get a slap on the wrist and his bad legislation will be pushed through.

    it all comes back to the golden rule.. The man (or company) with the gold makes the rules.

  • Sorry but My Congressman Dr. Tim Murphy doesn’t care about the facts! This legislation is not about facts or even about mental health it is a about POLITICAL PAYBACK!

    The first payback is taking money away from community mental health services and giving it to BIG PHARMA companies who are Dr. Murphy’s largest campaign contributors. If it was really about facts and helping people then the bill would do just the opposite.

    The other payback is in the form of giving the government more tools to lock people up who disagree with what the ruling party is doing. If you have a minority opinion then you must be suffering from a cognitive dissociation disorder and you must be treated, even against your will.

    It is all about control and money, NOT about mental health and helping people.

  • I would love to write to my congressmen and ask him to vote against this bill BUT… my Congressman is Dr. Tim Murphy! As I have written before I’d love to vote him and his Big phrama campaign contributors out of office but.. he always runs unopposed.

    This bill is nothing more than political payback to the Phrama companies that have supported him for years. It takes money away from community based organizations and funnels back to drug companies.

    If this bill passes I am sure Murphy and others will use it as a political weapon to lock up those who dare speak out against the drug culture and the corruptions caused by Big Pharma.

  • DSM-5 defines delusions as “…fixed beliefs that are not amenable to change in the light of conflicting evidence.”

    So if I am suffering from depression and cognitive based therapy doesn’t work does that mean I am delusional?

  • oldhead –
    The “bipartisan” comes from both sides love of money from BIG PHARMA. Congressman DR. TIM MURPHY generates most of his campaign contributions from the Pharma industry. I’m sure if you look into Mr. Franken’s supporters you will find Big Pharma as well. Dr. Murphy is my Congressman and the district I live in is heavily Republican so Murphy always runs unopposed. Oh, and I don’t have the $1 million in support needed to run against him.

    I think Dem’s and Republicans will put their differences aside “for the good of the people” and pass the bills that will fill their own coffers!


  • There is also a self-publication bias in research, Journals like publishing promising findings, not failures and so do authors! The only time it is “acceptable” to publish when the null hypothesis is true or there is no effect is when you are a year 7 Ph.D. student and your funding is running out so you need to graduate.

    I am not a medical Doctor and I often wondered about drug trial research. in my field if I read a study that doesn’t pass the sniff test I should, in theory, be able to find enough information to re-run the experiment or study myself. (This is a form of peer review). How can you do the same with a drug trial? You would need the approval of the FDA and the cooperation of the drug company which you would never get.

    Publication bias is a big issue for me since most of my research is based on Meta-analysis, that is my “data” is the results from several published studies, combined and analyzed to form new information and knowledge. If only half the story is being published then I am making it 10x worse by over emphasizing one side of the issue.

    I like the idea of scientists pledging to publish ALL of their research, no matter what the outcome. Open Access On-Line journals can also help. Without a page limit they SHOULD be more accepting of research where the null hypothesis is true.

    Doctor X

  • I’d like to send a letter to my Congressman BUT… he is DR. Tim Murphy! With 30 years in private practice as a Psychologist recommending drugs to his patients it is no wonder Dr. Murphy wants to shift federal funds from community based services to the big pharma business. Dr. Murphy’s biggest campaign contributors are of course… BIG PHARMA companies! This bill is nothing but a big kick-back to his corporate supporters.

    I’m sure you are going to say to me “If you don’t like him vote him out” Well I’d love to but DR. MURPHY ALWAYS RUNS UNOPPOSED!

    This is a scary bill! The refusal of treatment will be used as “proof” that the person is not of sound mind so that treatment can be forced on him. Judges and the courts don’t care, they will just continue to rubber stamp the recommendations of the medical “professionals”

    Liberals like Hillary Clinton also support this bill. They see it as another tool to use against their political opponents. Don’t believe in global warming? think homosexuality is wrong? don’t tow the P.C. line then you must be in need of “help”

    I know posting this has just put a BIG target on my back but people must speak out against bad laws and questionable science.

    I am not a medical doctor BUT I DO have a doctorate which means I’ve been trained to read and evaluate research as well as conduct research. Shouldn’t this mean I have “academic freedom” to disagree with the current research without fear of reprisal from the government or the academy?

    Noel Hunter – You are truly the brave one! Speaking out on this issue is putting your PhD. on the line. As a student I couldn’t imagine going against the establishment.

  • At a seminar I went to about a year ago one of the speakers who is a psychiatrist said “if I was diagnosed with depression I would undergo ECT” (ETC = Electo Convulsive Therapy the P.C. term for Shock Therapy). I have to wonder if he really meant it. I looked into ECT and it is an inpatient treatment of shocks over the course of 1-3 weeks. The outcome from what I’ve read isn’t any better or worse than drugs (Zoloft, ect) or CBT (Cognitive based therapy i.e. talking to a psychologist)

    My view is that all things being equal or nearly equal why not try the least harmful, least invasive alternative first. (Which is what I did and it helps)

    Doctors should “do no harm” so I cannot understand why a doctor would jump to the most painful most dangerous option first. To me that is not good medicine.

    DISCLAIMER: I am a non-medial doctor and this post is my personal non-professional view.

  • When i looked into running I was told the “buy-in” is one million dollars. That is how much I’d have to bring to the table before the party (either one!) would take me seriously. Also to have a shot at outting someone like Murphy I was told it would take 10-20 million more!

    I’ll be waiting for your check 🙂

  • UGH! The whole move was a falsehood!!! read the book and you will understand. The movie did not show the real way his mental illness manifested itself. The movie only focused at the mid-part of his life when he was “ill”. I wish it would have shown his earlier years so people could understand just how brilliant he was. He won a Nobel prize for game theory, but his work in partial differential equation and topology (including solving the folding problem for manifolds in 4d space) advanced fields beyond math, such as engineering and physics.

    Dr. X

  • You would think that living in Dr. Murphy’s district I could do something about him and vote him out of office. The sad thing is he is in a protected district that is overwhelming ONE PARTY, so much so NO ONE EVER runs against him! I asked a politically active friend of mine what would I have to do to run against him. The first things was to bring ONE Million Dollars t the table. That is the buy-in so the party will take you seriously. After that it would take another 10-20 million. Murphy is backed by Big Pharma and the Republican political machine so my or anyone else ‘s chances are almost zero. He’s basically there for life.

    This bill will not go away, he will be bring it back, he will use the next tragedy to get it passed. The result will be yet another weapon for the government to use against the people. If you believe in God, don’t believe in macro-evolution or global warming then you are delusional and in need of “help” If they can’t throw you in prison they will lock you away in a “hospital” all for your own “good”

  • I wish I could vote against Congressman Murphy but he always runs unopposed in my district. His biggest contributors of course are drug companies. if this bill passes the refusal of medication or hospitalization will be “proof” that the person is not of sound mind and therefore can be forcibly treated or committed.
    This bill will also cut funding to community organizations and shift it to big Pharma is this a payback to the same companies that gave Dr. Murphy kick-backs when he was in private practice? This bad bill has support on both sides of the aisle so what we can do to stop it?

  • My Congressman Dr. Tim Murphy whose biggest donors are drug companies is the author of H. R. 3717

    This bill would make it easier to forcibly commit people to mental institutions and to undergo drug and electroshock “therapy” against their will. This bad legislation is a knee-jerk reaction to the Sandy Hook shooting as well as payback to his big money Pharma supports. I also have to wonder if it is payback to the Pharma industry for all the years of kick-backs for drug recommendations when he was in private practice.

    I have seen first hand how the so-called “hearing” go that are suppose to “protect” the rights of the person being committed. They are nothing but kangaroo courts where the judge rubber stamps the doctors recommendation and the public “defender” appointed to represent the patient sits mute.

    I wish i could vote against Dr. Murphy, but he always runs unopposed in a gerrymander Republican district.

  • My problem with ‘add-on’ anti-depressant drugs like Abilify and SEROQUEL is that they put me in ‘zombie mode’. I just wanted to sleep and literally do nothing when I was on them. I couldn’t focus very well at work and I couldn’t even attempt to make progress on my research. Cognitive Therapy seemed to be a much better solution than adding more meds.

    This was one time where I agree that the “cure” was worse than the “disease”

  • Sera,
    You don’t get it. People Like Colin Powell and Congressman Dr. Tim Murphy have an agenda. They want to use mental health laws as a way to imprison people who disagree with them. If you don’t believe in global warming, if you do believe in God then you must have a cognitive dysfunction and are a danger to yourself and others. Then they can lock you safely away and drug you until you are “better”

    This is all about government control of every part of your life, which by the way is no longer YOURS!

  • Yes, I did note this as limitation when I published my dissertation, that I used only PUBLISHED research for my meta-analysis. I’m working on a methodology paper for conducting qualitative meta-analysis and I propose using sources such as open-source journals, trade publications, blogs, newsgroups and other non-traditional sources as well as the “gold standard” of peer reviewed journals. However the biases is strong against such sources! For my dissertation I did two thing I didn’t want to do, one was limit myself to the so-called “High quality” journals and publications. I would have liked to included information from some trade journals and some advocacy blogs. i know if I didn’t limit my sources to those approved by “the academy” I’d never get my dissertation approved!

    In short if I had a good answer to this problem I’d publish it!

  • What I do not understand is if there is a biological cause for depression why don’t we have a blood test for it? Why don’t we know what a normal serotonin range is and then measure depressed people to see if they really are below normal? The blood test would then show if the drugs increase serotonin levels.

    I am not a biologist but I do know that serotonin is found in blood platelets so why is there no test?

    Also if you look at the side affects of anti-depressions you’d think you were looking at a list of depression symptoms.

    The only thing I really do know is that my congressman Tim Murphy wants to lock me up and forcibly medicate me because I’m depressed. Check out his house bill H.R.3717

  • Here is the dirty little secret of the FAA medical certificate; It can only be issued by a FAA approved doctor. The FAA doctor is NOT your primary care doctor, he/she only knows what you tell them. They don’t request medical records from your primary care doctor. There is no way short of a drug screening (which isn’t done) for the FAA doctors to know what you are taking.

    it is also up to the pilot to voluntarily turn in his medical certificate if he/she starts taking a prohibited medication.

  • Alex,
    I have to agree with you 100% I did CBT for about 2 years and now 2 years later I’m back in CBT. I find that CBT only works for me when I am not too deeply depressed or when the anxiety level isn’t too high. If my “core beliefs” where really changed then you’d think I’d go “on auto-pilot” when highly stressed and be able to pull myself out of a downward spiral, but that is not the case.

    As a professional researcher I have access to almost every journal ever written. I should do a search to see if there are any studies on the long-term effectiveness of CBT,

  • The article failed to mention that he is DR. Tim Murphy (Ph.D. Psychology) and that he was in practice for 30 years. I know Psychologist can’t prescribe drugs, but I wonder how far back his connection to big pharma go? I know there are a lot of Psychologist who “recommend” that their clients ask their primary care doctor to prescribe them certain drugs. I wonder if Murphy was one of them and what kind of kick-backs he received for doing so.

    I am on of the very few people who can do something about Murphy and when he comes up fro re-election in the district I live in I will for the first time ever vote Democrat! I’m sure I’ll get some strange looks from my neighbors with a Pro-Republican Presidential sign and a Pro-Democrat Congress sign on my lawn!

    Dr. X

  • As a Doctor (D.Sc, not M.D.) it really bothered me when reading the info for Zoloft, Effector etc. basically the pharma company comes out and says “Hey, we have no clue how this drug works, just trust us that it does.” And of course they always suggest combining it with talk therapy.
    Like the author I always wondered just what is an optimal brain state and why don’t they measure my blood to figure out just how low I am when it comes to the chemical balance.

    I’m not really sure where I stand on this issue, I do know that I feel and function better on the drugs, but do the drugs really help? i guess that is the question.

    Oh and I LOVE the author for pointing out all the Meta-Analysis research!!!! That’s what my dissertation was all about!