Friday, September 24, 2021

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  • It’s ironic that I should read this article and find this site just after having an experience with my doctor that left me feeling humiliated and bereft of trust. Every morning I sit and look at the handful of medications that has accumulated over the years as I have aged; and every morning there is a feeling in my “gut” that I should not be taking all this stuff. I have suffered depression since I was very young; and I’m quite old now. I’ve been on these antidepressants since they came on the market. Now you have me questioning. I hate being misled and frankly, I feel our medical system has reached a point where it is no longer at all concerned with “me” as an individual, nor has it been for sometime. I am a lab rat, who earns them a tremendous amount of profit every year. I am ready to bust out of my cage. I already had planned to start searching today for alternatives. Like I said, ironic. Thank you for one the most intelligently written and informative articles I have read in a long time.