Friday, September 24, 2021

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  • BAA, you are very correct on this point. Not all leopards have the same spots. Perhaps they are only dealing with people with mild mood disorders. “Oh boy I am bummed today the mail is late”. But if you actually need the medication they are life savers. This disease runs in my family and no amount of exercise, fresh air, meditation and organic food is going to cure it. They are good but not a cure for the cause.

  • Dr. Kelly, You are very young and yet to have too much experience with patients. Believe me if you need medication you need it. Period. Holistic is just another form of medication. Whether it be of plant or animal origin. If you have major depressive episodes they do not just go away by food, exercise, organic food and talk therapy. Until a real answer to the cause can be discovered it is the difference between being able to function and not function. If you ever have the misfortune of having a major depressive disorder you will know that you are living in hell. It is NOT just a mood it is physical. It does not go away after 10-12 weeks. I am speaking from experience and am a level headed no nonsense person.