Wednesday, June 16, 2021

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  • I understand completely emotional/Mental illness sucks because people don’t take it serious if you have diabetes people are ok with your medication. If you have depression people think you can think good thoughts or weird stuff like that. Zoloft is a real medicine that really works and it’s too bad it is not understood by even professionals like the lady that wrote this article.

  • This article is simply wrong. I’ve had panic episodes since I was 10 nor 12 years old. Some people call it depression, anxiety, panic whatever you call it, it is real. Zoloft saved my life. I am 55 years old and tried everything. Hiking, exercise, Diet, meditation etc. The only thing that made it so that I didn’t crawl back into my shell of anxiety was Zoloft. I’ve taken it for over 15 years with NO side effects. Don’t present it like it is bad or doesn’t work. You do an extreme injustice to people who would seriously benefit from an S.S.R.I. They don’t need to be filled with more confusion over a choice they need to make and you don’t understand