Thursday, October 28, 2021

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  • Poor psychiatrists! They suffer from a communicable social disease called “deaf ear syndrome.” Perhaps they will overcome the public stigma that comes with “deaf ear syndrome.” The Latin term is “talking-to-a-brick wall-itis.”

    Symptoms “deaf ear syndrome” include: chronic focusing on HOW something is said as opposed to the content of what is said, polypharmacology prescribing addiction (most prevalent in the US), real or feigned ignorance of the cost of drugs they swiftly prescribe, desensitization to physical pain (“out of sight, out of mind” if they delegate blood withdrawals to nurses), desensitization to complications like pre-diabetes or heart disease, desensitization to putting patients on pills that incapacitate them to the point they go on SSD, prescribing as first option as opposed to last resort, extremely brief meetings, off-label prescribing, disregarding the PDR recommendations, and not paying attention to hormones and other underlying physiological ailments that mimic mental illness.

    Side effects include: malpractice, and, in rare cases, poverty.

    Spoken from someone who found out over a year ago I was misdiagnosed for 11 years and had PTSD and thyroid disease instead! No at-risk behaviors. I could have perished for no reason by following a quack’s instruction. He would have been unaccountable for his actions. He can go to Hell. I read Suzy Cohen’s Thyroid Healthy and it changed my life. Licensed endocrinologists could give the shrinks “more time to spend with their families.” Then the psych patients would not have to see the endocrinologists twice, first for often underlying thyroid issues, and then, second, for Type 2 diabetes the psych meds created!

    My penultimate shrink retired after 30 years. What did she do for 30 years but prescribe uppers and downers and wonder why people never got cured? She did not learn a damn thing. My current shrink is ex-Army which is nice, because she’s seen misdiagnoses happen before with vets who have trauma, but get the bp label instead. FYI, Reverse T3 thyroid labs measure many things, including severe trauma. A simple blood test!

    They finally announced they’ve invented a blood test to diagnose Major Depression. Baby steps, psychiatry, baby steps. One day you’ll grow up like the big kids in all the other fields of medicine who’ve been using physical labs the entire time and not reliant on a book. You’ll get to use actual test tubes, instead of treating people like they are metaphorical ones in trial and error.

    It’ll take some time, but we’ll explore this together. You may never go back to normal, psychiatry, but that’s the price you pay for…actually using hard science. Now, it’s a New Year, a new deductible, so go write me a check for $300. Can I offer you any free samples? There’s this new one I’m dying for you to try out. After all, it only got one trial at the FDA pre-approval process, so it’s a gamble. It’s called “Integrify.” You may have seen the cartoon ad?

    At least The Daily Show did a segment on Big Pharma and the FDA.