Monday, May 17, 2021

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  • I’d like to add though that the root cause of all of this is that no one cares about these people. Whether we think about it from a legal, economic, or political perspective, if there were truly groups who were concerned for the welfare of these individuals, we would see people removing their family members from care, see public advocates filing lawsuits and going to the presses (Don’t tell me “Nursing home electrocutes patients for being grumpy” wouldn’t sell), see people protesting for new laws or to cut medicaid funding to facilities who do this.

    The problem is that these people are just being put out of sight. The knowledge that this is going on, is being *published*, yet sparks no outrage, just shows that the true goal of the psychiatric enterprise, from the families that agree to put their members away, from the social workers and GPs that refer them, to the doctors, to the politicians, is to remove undesirable people from circulation, and tame them, and call it compassion.