Tuesday, May 11, 2021

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  • It is amazing to me that people think that TMS is a lot like ECT. It is totally different from ECT and is nothing like it. If you think it is, you are ignorant of the facts. I know, I’ve had both. I repeat, TMS is nothing like ECT. Also, if you read the facts about TMS you will see that nothing is guaranteed and it does not work on everyone. I was lucky, it worked for me.

  • Why in the world did you leave during treatment? You were committed to pay for this when you began treatment. Why didn’t you ask about your suspicions that it wasn’t legitimate?

    I am sorry but I cannot offer you any help re dealing with being sued except to perhaps see if your local Legal Aid office might help you. I can suggest that it might help you to see a psychologist and get help dealing with this problem emotionally and also help recovering from this experience. I mean a psychologist, definitely NOT a psychiatrist.

  • Dear Fay,

    To wean off the psych meds, it was not a big deal at all. I just went to a different psychiatrist who had an office at the local hospital. He retired and I kept going to the young psychiatrist that replaced him. I think that any psychiatrist would HAVE TO help you to wean off if you requested this. Honest! Just try one and if he/she doesn;t want to help you, try another one until you find one who will.

    I will tell you that when I told the young psychiatrist that I felt I had never had bipolar disorder, he said to me, “Oh, most patients just “burn out” when they get older.” BURN OUT? HEY, I WAS NEVER, EVER EVEN ON FIRE! Honestly, I never was bipolar. It is a shame what was done to me. I was so heavily sedated that I never questioned it. I am now almost 75 years old and I am in therapy for complex PTSD re my childhood of emotional neglect and emotional abuse. That’s what the problem was all along.

    Good Luck and Best Regards,

  • Yes, you are right about the TMS psychiatrist being very happy about the $11K+ that I paid him up front. It seemed to me that the money is all he cared about. Blatantly. And I was told that “people come from all over the world to see him.” So the guy has big, fat income from all over the world. Whoop-dee-do for him!

    Unfortunately, my insurance carrier did not cover this. I live in the Southwest. If I had moved back East and gotten better insurance, it could have been covered, as it covered my friend in the East. At the time, only certain insurances covered it. You can research this. I was not about to move, had enough troubles. The TMS psych told me he’d”try to get them to pay for it” which was total B.S.

    I still don’t regret doing it. It worked for me and it changed my life for the better. I am just also poorer, of course.

    I will not ever take an antidepressant again because of the terrible side affects. They are worth trying if you need to because they work well for some people, just not for me and sometimes only VERY temporarily for most.

    EVERYTHING is a risk in psychiatry. It is all unproven “theory.” You might want to consider seeing a psychologist instead and delving into your childhood issues. Take them seriously. I feel that is mainly where it is at for most people.

  • Dear Fay,

    I feel that any psychiatrist who is worth anything will help wean you off any medications you wish. All you have to do is ask for what you want. If he/she will not help you, find yourself one who will help you. I had no problem doing this.

    The TMS had nothing to do with my weaning off the medications. This was my highest desire and I did it on my own and it was difficult and scary and horrid. You have to research doing this and make up your mind to do it. It took me about two years. Some meds took longer than others to get off of. I did it; anything is possible!

    Since I went off of Alprazolam/Xanax, the last one to go off of, I have had panic attacks; I never, ever had a panic attack until I went off of this horrible medication. I am working on getting rid of this problem. I wish I could sue someone but I can’t.

    Remember that there are absolutely no guarantees with TMS. I feel that I was very fortunate.

    Best Regards

  • Before my TMS treatment, I was misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder and took psychiatric drugs for 15-20 years. I had a horrid childhood and come from a family that lacks emotional intelligence. I cannot yet bring myself to figure out yet exactly how many years I was medicated, the memories are so painful and I did not know what I was doing or not doing most of the time. What was really wrong with me are the following: I had both Scleroderma and Fibromyalgia, was menopausal and had also just relocated to what I must call a third world state – by myself. None of this is advisable. My doctors never told me to see a Rheumatologist re my two auto-immune conditions. After TMS, I left them as swiftly as I could. I am satisfied with my present medical care and I don’t ever want to lay eyes on a psychiatrist again.

    I must differ re TMS. My experience with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation was excellent. I experienced no pain and had no problems. The treatment was enjoyable and amazing the entire time I had it. The provider was not my regular psychiatrist, but another in my city who does TMS. (He was not at all interested in my results, which truly shocked me. My medical insurance did not cover it and it cost me over $11K, upfront, of course. But, I feel it was worth it.) This treatment gave me my brain back and also rid me completely of the Fibromyalgia which I had for years; I knew that was a possibility and that’s one reason I did it. Right after I finished the treatment, I read Epitomy of an Epidemic which scared me to death, of course. So, in the following two years, I changed doctors, got a Rheumatologist, and got off of all the psychiatric medications with the help of another psychiatrist. That was a very difficult two years but at least I knew what I was doing. He saw no sign of bipolar disorder and neither did I. I am probably still recovering from being on those medications for so long, but I feel that I now have MYSELF back. I was not myself for a very long time. What a relief and what freedom I feel. I keep having astounding realizations about my life and I am beginning to understand it in much more depth now. I am seeing an excellent art therapist at present.

    All I can say is that I am baa-ak and delighted to be here! I think that anyone interested in TMS must research it themselves, learn all they can about it, talk to doctors and patients also if possible – and make up their own minds. A close friend in another state had TMS treatment at the same time I did and her experience was also good. I had ECT early in my life and I would never recommend that for anyone! I think it would have to be a last, desperate measure if nothing else would work.