Saturday, August 13, 2022

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  • Believe me when I tell you they are erasing things right off my screen as I attempt to type! It Isn’t an alternate reality! It is the intrusion of mentally detective persons consciousness onto one that isn’t! It is called demonic possession! The Puritans who fled England and founded the United States believed in the reality of Demonic Possession. And they also believed that they were Godly! How else does one compare themselves to mentally defective and therefore mean people?

  • The University of Wisconsin System is up to its neck in this medical fraud too! It all started in a town in Wisconsin named Alma! The town was built around a brewery! …Charles Van Hise was a Eugenicist and the President of the University of Wisconsin Madison. He was an advisor to FDR’s New Deal program on social welfare. He had a communist wealth idealist principle he believed in, “One must surrender their individuality for the sake of industry!” That went into the New Deal and people who had their own minds got medicated by those who didn’t. Why didn’t they? Fetal Alcohol Spectrum mental retardation from…brew town America! So here is where I believe it all started. Eugenicist’s did not believe in the validity of the thinking man they believed in the value of the All Star Wrestler type! They thought that type of man could whether apocalypse hardship better! I have no doubt that UW Minnesota is just as crooked as UW Wisconsin! The last thing in the paper they wanted to do was attempt to raise primates! See the motivation recurring again? And look how sports are replacing academia at college! They believe a person does not need their own mind if they can split a good one!