Tuesday, October 20, 2020

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  • “Guilt, shame and anxiety appear in every known culture. ”

    Actually, no this is incorrect.

    In a genuine dharmic (ethical) cultural context (rare to find in today’s world) the emphasis is on self-respect, honour and contentment: opposites of guilt, shame and anxiety.

    There is no substitute for virtue – forgiveness and chastity are two key virtues.

    In the Semitic world-view infant genitalia is mutilated, animals are eaten, people are thought to be born in sin, wars consist of genocidal armies that use rape as a weapon of war, murder all the men and steal all of their resources – in short a master/slave model of human interaction. Their “god” is jealous and angry! Wow!

    These crimes against Nature show up as “mental illness”. The whole system is sick. Ultimately we can only reform our own self. A sound mind in a sound body.

    The master/slave mentality will create guilt, shame and anxiety. This is not how it is supposed to be. Just because everyone lives like this does not make this the standard or the ideal. Psychiatry is evil!

    However Dr. Breggin, you are an exception – thank you for speaking out against the torture through drugging of the most vulnerable.

    Dismantle psychiatry. Teach philosophy in the schools and communities. The art of rhetoric and civilized communication must be taught. Physical education ought to be the first subject of the school day.

    The most important practical thing I can suggest is learn to be one’s own true best friend.
    Don’t ever submit to any form of oppression. Learn practical skills so as to be able to earn a living in an ethical manner. Eat an apple a day to stay away from “doctors”.