Monday, October 25, 2021

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  • Dr. Datta as a 20 year 24/7 student I assure you that you are spot on with your beliefs that you have written. I’m not a psychiatrist nor patient I am a mom who when my healthy and happy young daughter hit a roadblock (what should have been a relatively simple life challenge and passage in her life twenty years ago) and took a misstep into the “mental health system” and a grave mistake and we have been in hell and almost back . She naively stepped carelessly from the ground into a raging river.. I saw her, jumped in after her and have been hanging on to her ever since . Unwittingly thrusting me/her into a world completely unfamiliar…I so thoroughly understand the problem that is “mental health care” and “meds” and in spite of everything we have managed to fight our way back to the river bank but like you, haven’t had the courage to climb out. But this shall be the final challenge it is all in the belief that it can be done and the sky won’t fall. As for my daughter who once totally believed in herself but now after years of traumatic experiences and thorough undermining of her self identity and confidence it shall be no small task. I have thought of a new disorder for the insane pharmaceutical $ndustry ……”Label affective disorder” but there is no “med ” for that but a recommendation …..just turn and run! I may write a book someday if I could relive the hell who knows.