Sunday, October 2, 2022

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  • Contemplating the psychological effects of abuse can be limited by cultural exposure. We in the west have very little comprehension of the abuses and stresses endured by children in certain other cultures. The vast majority of those children are not afflicted by psychosis. Also, what is the explanation for well-defined patterns of family history-over multiple generations- of pychosis? I suggest that anosognosia, the inability to comprehend that one is mentally ill is not just a disorder present in some people with clinic level mental disturbance. I observe that it is on a spectrum, where people who are considered to be free of mental illness have some incapicity to comprehend, and are thus, resistent to notions of biological root cause.

  • There is no such reality in which the bio/neur -chemical/pathophysiological or hereditary construct of consciousness disorders has been discredited. Therefore, it is not possible for me to be clinging to discredited theories. Although mental illness makes the subject person acutely sensitive to stress as the disease onsets and thereafter, stress, trauma, and bad parenting does not cause psychosis. So what would be the explanation for a human being who obeys a voice command to throw themselves in front of a train, or dismember someone, or gouge their own eyes out, or throw their child off a bridge claiming to have been commanded to do so by God. What else but a severely disordered brain can explain someone who believes that a pro-sports team who refuses to offer them a contract out of jealousy for their skills is having their home bugged and is following them to kill them, how is it not a disorder of thought processing to stalk someone – or kill someone to get their attention? Verbalizing as hemorrhage of thought(i.e “talking to oneself”)…is that not unusual behavior? Please offer an explanation for these bizarre behaviors. Please do. That said, science will move forward probing into how the brain generates and processes thoughts and feelings. Researchers will move forward and not be held back by those who have cognitive incapacities to comprehend psychosis as a disorder that is biologically based. The brain is so infinitely complex that any intelligent person should not dare think they understand how it works.

  • I believe that many students of psychiatry were drawn to the profession due to an certain affinity arising out of various personal experiences in life. Since the vast majority of people have very little comprehension of severe psychiatric disorders, their only concept is informed by popular notions of what it is. Therefore, when more recent times, when people enter into formal education and entry into the clinic setting, they are shocked and disoriented to find that they will not be practicing psychoanalysis on their schizophrenia patients (and treating their talk therapy on split personalities and patients damaged by their bad mothers). And those who entered the profession before the advent of psychotropic medications would not have their deeply rooted notions of mental illness dashed and subjugated to the influx of new science. Those people are still clinging to those beliefs and many of them populate the ranks of researchers. Their incapacity to accept modern science is holding back research and contributing to the pervasive misconceptions that still have a stranglehold on the public. It is that ignorance that is preventing the legal professions from treating victims of medical illness (i.e. mental illness) with enlightened justice. We putting people on trial to explore whether they “knew right from wrong”, we are putting people on trial and making it almost wholly impossbile for the insanity defense to be employed (again, because of pervasive misunderstanding and its attendant hostilities), the mental health community is obsessed with stigma and distances itself from those who comit crimes due to their illness because of the public rage (again, born from ignorance).

    Those who cling, who still believe in environmental causality (maternal fault), despite the fact that the vast majority of the inhabitants on this planet who have had atrocious parenting – and parents, do not suffer from psychosis, are demonstrating that they are not processing the world around them logically. They ignore so many realities that clash with their intractable beliefs.

    The brain can malfunction or not function in such ways that permit logical, reality-based thought processing (within certain reasonable ranges – permitting broad personality differences in the human race) just like other organ and biological systems of the human body. Why is it so extremely difficult to accept that the brain is engineered to a degree of complexity (far beyond our current ability to understand scientifically) that something in that complexity of thought generation, processing, and auditing can go awry in serious ways? Do we blame bad mothering for diabetes or cancer? No, although some minds are predisposed to interpreting in certain ways that might even cause them to place such blame. Epigenetics is just another theory that believers in environmental root cause have expored and promoted to keep clinging tightly to environmental root cause theories.

    Backward beliefs keep the public ignorant and as long as there is ignorance, people will never see the need to make war on psychotic illness like they have made war on cancer, and diabetes, and heart disease. Only enlightenment will dispel stigma. When people are educated out of this morass of discredited theories, they will see the need to provide supported housing and the complex – and expensive – infrastructure that will finally get the mentally ill out of prisons and off death row. This is serious!

    Open the mind and stop clinging to discredited theories. Lives are being destroyed as we cling. Better, less harmful, more effective medications are desperately needed to help those who suffer!