Tuesday, March 28, 2023

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  • They were clearly bullying you and I wonder if you considering posting despite the ban? I’m not saying you should have, but it seems to me that you’d have a pretty strong case, not to mention undermine their agenda, which seems to be anti-bullying legislation.

    I was threatened by HHS for a blog post a few years ago and I was pretty frightened at first but I showed the letter to Popehat – and he called their threat of defamation ‘lawless idiocy’. So I just laughed and left it up. Nothing happened.

  • The_cat – I really like your comments. I hope that you are not banned but if you are please contact me. I say this not because I have a specific idea but I know it is painful to be banned and perhaps I can provide support in some way. I don’t know what W-BAD is but evidently it’s a touchy issue. I don’t understand why someone can’t respond to you with facts instead of threats.

  • So basically anyone who has taken benzos cannot speak about them because their brain has changed after only 4 days. Did I get that right? Sorry but you are peddling fearmongering hysteria. I’m sorry you had a bad experience but ATIVAN SAVED MY LIFE and though I don’t take it any more, I would certainly not want doctors to with hold it from the people who need it – because THAT is what kills far more than the people who say, “Oh I didn’t know that ativan was addictive and I just followed my doctor’s orders like a good boy.”

  • Here I will give you the best medical advice ever: if you are not truly sick then stay away from doctors. And if you ignore my advice and go to the doctor anyway, please don’t complain about how they didn’t help you and almost killed you. And if you ignore my advice and accuse them of trying to kill you, PLEASE don’t demand the government restrict life saving medications from patients who ARE actually sick and need them. (Because we’ve been there and it doesn’t end well.)

  • Hi, I never took those but I can tell you my experience with Ativan, which I took 1-2 mg/day for a few years and a lower dose for over a decade. To taper, I’d recommend taking it only when you feel vertiginous or dizzy. The side effects will last a week or two. Sleep will be difficult. You might want to take a week off as a ‘taper holiday’. If you don’t work then there’s your problem and no drug can fix it.

  • Fight me?? I SAID DON’T TAKE THEM.

    In fact you are the person that reasonable people like me need to fight constantly because you are trying to take away our rights. Take the drugs or don’t take them – I don’t care! Just don’t ruin it for everyone else. Ativan SAVED MY LIFE. I shouldn’t ever take them again because SOME people took them for years without ever looking up the well known side effects? HAHA I don’t think so.

  • OH MY GOD if you don’t like them then don’t take them. If you think they are dangerous then stay away. But stop telling doctors and ultimately the government how to regulate them. This is hysteria and will lead to war. It’s like you’ve learning NOTHING from past experience. If I had any brain changes it can still run circles around you halfwits. Blaming prescription of other psych meds on ativan really takes the cake. Congrats.

  • I used a benzo (ativan) for over a decade for a sleep disorder and it saved my life. I hate seeing this hysteria over a class of a very useful and relatively harmless class of drugs. If you didn’t know they were ‘addictive’ then now you know and don’t take them in the first place and mess things up for everyone else. “My doctor never warned me” – puh-lease.

  • And the suicide is intentional. I know that’s stupid to say, but the suicide risk for drug overdose also spikes after leaving treatment/institutionalization (hospital, rehab, prison), and many experts claim it’s due to ‘lost tolerance’. This is a dangerous misconception. I’m sorry for the people who want to kill themselves (hang on – it’s about to get real!), but please don’t say it was ‘an accident’. This only gives others an easy excuse.

  • Horrible! I’ve been taking very low dose ativan for a sleep disorder for over a decade. Stop trying to micromanage everyone’s drugs. All drugs are dangerous and you should never take more than you need and there are risks to all of them. This is just another witch hunt against vulnerable patients. It is truly MAD and will only cause more overdoses and deaths. Not surprising this comes out of MA.

  • Nothing will change until the people who were abused and exploited by psychiatry speak out against it. Otherwise you can’t really expect the public to take sides in the issue. As long as people are being persecuted by ‘voices in their head’ and unnamed forces in the ‘government’ then I think they are somewhat complicit in psychiatry’s game (it takes 2 to tango) and who am I to speak out against it?

    On the other hand, victims of the 12 Step cults are starting to speak out, and this is making a difference in ‘addiction treatment’. I am happy to help ensure that their voices are heard and respected.