Wednesday, September 22, 2021

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  • Thanks so much for the re-assuring Story. I have had the same issues with Doctor’s advice for years. I am currently 8 days Off Mirtazapine, prescribed about 6 years ago for Anxiety.
    I had been to about 6 different Doctors over this 6 year period (due mainly to changing residential location), and get the same responses to me saying “I do not want to take this drug but the “withdrawals” are really bad”.
    1. You can just stop taking them!
    It is very much like they all, just completely ignore the fact that you tell them you have tried that, and it sure as hell does not work, and in fact is likely quite dangerous.
    During the last couple of years i have reduced my dose from 30mg to 15mg, and as mentioned, tried ceasing all together which was no pleasant at all, and within 2-3 days, back on them.
    I am not going to list all the effects of using this type of SSRI medication, as if you are reading this you are likely more than aware already.
    I was completely an utterly over being on this medication, the fog, the flattening out of spirit, the taking away of me, the lethargy, sexual drive, weight gain….all of it.
    Seeing as i was getting little assistance from medical practitioners, i have had to make some very precise and decisive plans.
    I mentally prepared myself for the oncoming symptoms of getting off SSRI, i stopped drinking alcohol, anything with caffeine in it. Assessed my meditation practices, diet and lifestyle.
    Then i stopped the 15mg Dose of Mirtazapine.
    Sleep immediately went out the window, that is the biggest struggle so far, 8 days in.
    I am not sure if i am going to yo-yo at all, but up until yesterday, it has been a very difficult week, feeling like an Alien in my own body.
    I hope things stay the way i feel today or get even better, as i am feeling the Fog of SSRI lift off me, i am feeling the sparkle of “ME” coming back, i know i could not be on this escape path without the lifestyle changes, diet.
    I am expecting to throw my own “Welcome Back Phoenix” party when i am well clear of these things, as that’s is my goal…to get “ME” back.
    Appreciate your inspiring story, there is light at the end of the SSRI Tunnel…well, when you are not on them.