Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Comments by Terry

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  • I was a member for NAMI and I resigned. NAMI only cares about rich people, or if you live in a city or a rich community. I called there headquarters Nationally, and here in Massachusetts. The operators who run this are rude and uncaring. One of these “volunteers” tried to sic a psychologist on me to throw me in the rubber room, and we were going to call the police if they do that. They gave me useless numbers. And the so-called. “National Suicide Hotline” referred me to a insane asylum! And the so-called “warm-lines?” Brrrrrr…. Massachusetts is bad enough with mental health. I went to 20 psychologists who either rolled their eyes, yelled at me, sit there and smile, one told me to leave after ten minutes, or worse telling me to think happy thoughts or the worst count your blessings! The whole situation with NAMI and the extremely poor mental health, (the way I was treated by NAMI and the so-called “mental health professionals” makes me sick! After going through all of this experience, I learnt two things, I can see why a lot of people want to commit suicide(even myself sometimes.) And, With NAMI YOU ARE ALONE!!!