Monday, March 27, 2023

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  • I’ve seen both sides of the coin.

    One time, while locked up, they kept drugging a WW2 veteran, saying he was making sexual comments to them. He was not. I called the abuse hotline. I was real popular after that.

    I was wild without medicine. I get scared, which is why I don’t own a firearm. It’s just so confusing in my head.

    If they would not have dragged me in and taken care of me, I’d be dead. I stopped eating and drinking, bashed my head, screamed in the middle of the bad part of town. I couldn’t think.

    If I stop taking medicine, I get confused and start fighting agitation. I always think someone is after me.

  • I said:

    It took years for them to break through to me. When you hear voices, they “often” control you prior to being treated. Tricks. Example: I thought two of my friends were trying to harm me, and I lashed out at them. My head was filled with voices, and I fought them only to fall to them.


    I lacked will when I was under their control, which is nearly impossible to explain to a non-schizophrenic.

    The rest of your sentence says they have a choice. Many of them don’t. Some do.

  • you did it?
    “Someone who hears a voice…” You speak for us there, and you’re beyond ignorant on the subject.

    No one knows everything, including myself.

    Have you speak a year in a psyhc ward? Have you lived in group homes where you’re locked up with the other sick people who have sex with dogs? Are you a doctor?

    Did you spray blood all over the wall from banging your hands on wood because they say you’re going to marry Putin? Have you hit your head so hard that you had a 8.5 headache and brain damage? (I wanted them to shut up.)
    Go read another book.

  • Here I go again. I fail you are willful and believe in fairy tales. Plus, I think you’re ignorant about schizophrenia as a whole.
    You said:
    “Someone who hears a voice saying to kill another doesn’t have to be any more likely to act on that order than I am when my own mind indicates to me that I should ‘strangle a person’ out of frustration.”

    It took years for them to break through to me. When you hear voices, they often control you prior to being treated. Tricks. Example: I thought two of my friends were trying to harm me, and I lashed out at them. My head was filled with voices, and I fought them only to fall to them.

    I had no will for years. The meds slowed me down along with the lobotomy. Sometimes, I want my voices to come back because they were magical to me–though demonic. I’d say I was running with the wrong crowd in my head.

    I only get bits and pieces of them now. I still have somatic hallucinations though. Once again, prior to being treated, I thought I was being killed, which made me a popular girl in the psych ward. I’m a real sweetheart when delusional.

    I’ve been on wards to total about a year of my life. I’ve been in group homes.

    I have a lot of cognitive problems, like with memory. However, I can live in the community.

  • It depends on what kind of schizophrenia it is–and where they are.
    Public outbursts used to happen in the 1800s in the US all of the time. Now we have “acute schizophrenia.”

    What you think is dropped also comes down to the way we label some common forms. Most other countries say a patient has a “history of schizophrenia.”

    I was violent and confused. Stop all this happy, everyone is good garbage. Do you know how many times I’ve had a fellow mentally ill person try to kill me on the wards? One girl, with heavy metal poisoning and schizophrenia, tried to snap my neck in the middle of then night. She was calm and lovely, but yeah.

  • I disagree with you.

    I almost committed murder due to my hallucinations–and a shooting of children (before Sandy Hook) to make them stop hunting me. I thought they were in my head, making bad thoughts, trying to destroy me and date Putin. I also committed treason, thinking my friend was a secret spy in the special forces. I wanted to go to jail where I’d be safe.

    Even though I didn’t kill anyone, I still feel guilty (in my own way). When I was split off, I was a totally out of control person.

    Medicine has helped me a ton. They gave me a lobotomy (sloppily), and it makes it so that I can’t be angry. It’s also slowed me down quite a bit. I tell myself that doesn’t matter because I was never a shining star intellectually. I seem to think they’ve made it worse and that I was bright.

    Schizophrenia is no joke.

    There were a lot of signs that I had changed, and people ignored it like this guy. I’m not blaming. I’m just saying it was kind of obvious.

  • They don’t listen to us. You don’t know how many times doctors have injected me with Haldol. The thing is that it makes me loopy, crazy and do activities like undress. They’re always like, “schizophrenia.” I tell them over and over again.

    You should have heard me squeal when it took 6 people to hold me down. Not Haldol.

    In other news, I’ve had a lobotomy, and my state of mind is unpleasant. The feelings that I get greatly disturb me. I have to be drugged to keep the somatic stuff at bay. I’m on latuda, Cogentin, Prozac and prolixin.

    I also tried to kill myself, which complicated matters.

    My mind is ruined, however. Now I have to wait for them to fix me in the future. In the meantime, I provide jobs for people. It’s the trickle down effect. kididng

  • They’ve made it a market in the states. Now it’s cool to have a mental disorder, especially if you’re a worthless artist. Pop them pills. Pay no bills.

    A lot of mental disorders come from self-centered vanity. Our psychiatrists are worthless.

    I have spent a while studying social engineering. I think it would be best if we put the stigma back. The US has tried to put out beacons, like Breaking Benjamin (death/demon agent). He follows the “lost.” The problem is that many people think the interpretation of art is personal. They’ve obviously failed literature classes – among other things.

    It’s annoying because if you find out what they’re doing, that is also a sin, so there is literally no point in them even “catching” failing people or trying to motivate them. Ask Marilyn Manson in the “New *hit.”

  • Some of the medicines help me. One of my problems is that I’ve built a world around me that no longer exists. The meds disrupt me from thinking about that kind of stuff. It’s been wired into my brain.

    Why can’t we talk about it? It’s something that disturbs other people, especially the people who did it to me that have moved on. They don’t need to suffer either. We went through bad times, and I got sick from it.

    The medicines have created a disturbance in the flawed thought process long enough for me to think about it. They’ve broken down the architecture that was messed up.

    Now I have to adapt and work on being self-sufficient and med free.

    I don’t think they should be used in the long term. I might get stuck with them a wee bit.