Monday, August 8, 2022

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  • Kindredspirit – I, too, am so very weary of being told to “calm down”. What I appreciate the article stirred up for me is perhaps if my therapist actually listened to me and I were able to express the outrage, I would naturally calm down. Communication can only work properly when it is a form of two-way connection, as with any tool. I would add one other thing, not only are the “survivors” losing out, the ones in the “helping” position are also.

  • Over all, I like the direction you are heading. The holistic (whole person) approach is one I am seeing must be explored in all health professions. Yes, it takes more time, money, and other resources. Isn’t it just as simple as what Weight Watchers has been trying to teach, though. “You didn’t get over-weight over night, it’s not going to come off over night.”

    It certainly does take two to tango, though. Many patients, the mad included, desire a quick fix. I feel that the professionals must do as a loving parent does, say “No”. Naturally, when a child is hungry and tired she wants candy to quickly squelch those painful feelings. It takes tremendous effort for the parent to prepare a meal and “force” the child to go to sleep.

  • Yes, Mary, I see your thinking here. Sascha, an example came to my mind. A man by the name of Mark Epstein, MD may be one to read. He is a psychiatrist, however, the struggle to “hide” his views for many years is paying off. In the social work area you actually have more leeway, but peer pressure to not rock the boat is still there.

    Personally, I have been told repeatedly by the therapist that her only job was to remind & convince me the only help for me was medication. In addition, I have had therapist deny working with me as soon as they heard the “Schizo-Affective” diagnosis. Now, I see the same closed minded stamp of “your life is over” being put on my now 21 year old. (Even my therapist was shocked they wrote him off as schizophrenic at age of 16. Neither the parents, nor health professionals knew of family history.) I felt pressured to give him up for adoption when he was 8, thus I am limited as to what I can do.

    You inspire and motivate me to do my part in bringing light to a dark, ignorant people. It takes both the victim and perpetrator seeking a better way to make a change. As MLK, jr said “The community must heal.”


  • Certainly the Public is at a tipping point. Does that make a difference though? The USA gladly put me on SSDI & food stamps rather than nurture the compassion, intelligent, and work ethic I have. (I can hardly spell that word “intelligent” any more after the psychotropics….) Thus, I can get as much Cocoa Cola or Lays Potato chips I desire, however can only get limited organic veggies. Oh, naturally I can not get vitamins. Also, I can not go to a holistic or naturopath health care worker vs an Allopath Md or psychiatrist.

    The ironic part about it is I have no problem sacrificing or working harder to finance those things myself. What I struggle with is the daily reminders I’m crazy for not following the “traditional” medication path. A perfect example is a “friend” that works at the health food store asking me “are you back on your meds, or are you still just using supplements?”; as I was looking at the supplements on the shelf. I hadn’t even ever told her I was ever on psychotropics! It was another community member who told her that is why my marriage ended.

    Thus, without even the support of the people who supposedly care about me, how is the tide to be turned? I am much too exhausted to keep explaining my catch 22 plight of meds making me sick and still a mess without them.

    So perhaps there is a “tipping”, but like the titanic it still feels like “music to die by”.