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  • How refreshing that there are others out there who do not buy into the “normal” psychiatric means of treatment. I always think that if drug companies made vitamins and other holistic meds and made as much money on them as they do 0n what is currently being made, how much better shape we would be in. This has just got to change or future generations don’t stand a chance.

  • Thank you so much for stating it as it is. It never ceases to amaze me that the crimes of big pharma and the psychiatry profession are very much known to those who can definitely change things for the better, but don’t. When are the majority of the psychiatrists going to put in the ethics of those within their own profession? I have worked very closely with anti-psychiatry groups and I am proud that they proceed in the darkness of those who wish to destroy without any fear of doing so. I once asked a psychiatrist how he can just work with those who he states in his own blog, are unethical and hurt people. His answer was that he just keeps his head down and does his work because he could be destroyed if he really makes it known about what they do. No wonder there a lack of people wanting to go to school to be psychiatrists.

    Fluffy over and out

  • Hi Ted,

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Don’t you think that psychiatrists would have a sort of “cleansing of the soul” if they just admitted their errors and the harm they have caused endless numbers of people?

    Also, I hope that as you have stated that “Once the media starts giving some space to our arguments, psychiatry is going to be very exposed.” , does happen. However , what can we do to hasten this along? Who actually has the biggest hold on that profession as to make this happen. I know the power lines go very far up, but WHO needs to be brought down so that people get their lives back?

    Just waiting for the media to grow a conscience could take forever.

  • You hit the nail on the head. What I don’t understand , is that if a lot of people know that psychiatrists label people for profit, then why do they allow it? I am going to share something with you, I sent a FOIA request NIMH to find out if the “chemical imbalance” theory was actually true.

    NIMH FOIA Data Reveals that FDA Should Stop False Chemical Brain Imbalance Advertising
    NEW JERSEY –With the age of retirement upon me, and the new freedom I have to fulfill a dream of a freelance investigative reporter, I find I am very much interested in the advancements and new developments concerning the human body. One thing in particular I found while researching on my computer from my New Jersey home, was a statement in the July 11th edition of “Psychiatric Times” [the official publication of the American Psychiatric Association (APA)]by APA Director Ronald Pies, about how the chemical imbalance of the brain theory of mental illness is “…urban legend – never a theory seriously propounded by well-informed psychiatrists.” The statement dumbfounded me as every advertisement on psychiatric drugs I have ever seen promotes that their drugs work by correcting a chemical imbalance and because the FDA is required to stop fraudulent advertising of drugs.
    With that thought in mind, I decided to do a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the highest authority I knew, the United States Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) for any evidence they had on file showing :
    “1. That a chemical imbalance of the brain causes mental illness;
    2. What a proper balance of brain chemicals and/or neurotransmitter levels would be; and
    3. What neurotransmitter levels such as in serotonin or dopamine would cause a person to have different biological mental illnesses such as depression, bi-polar disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and schizophrenia.”
    I thought that they would send me a quick answer to what must be a very common question but instead of answering it, SAMHSA referred my FOIA request to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH).
    I found it exciting and unusual that this major societal answer to such an important question about life, from the world’s two highest mental health authorities, would soon be delivered to a retired grandmother in New Jersey . It is this promotion of chemical imbalance and neurotransmitter-correcting drugs that is why people take them, why the drugs are supposed to work at all and why people, including children, the elderly in nursing homes, mentally disturbed persons, prisoners and many other individuals are ordered by judges and other authorities that they must take them. The advertising is so prevalent that the chemical imbalance theory has become pop culture. But, is it true?
    NIMH’s FOIA department sent my questions to the NIMH public relations people who sent me an answer, sort of. Their December 16, 2014 answer gave me a link to PubMed which basically contains most all medical studies on all subjects from all time periods, along with links to various blogs on the subject by NIMH Director Tom Insel. There was no direct answer except for direction on where to research.
    I decided that the PubMed link would be too far-reaching to be considered an answer to my questions so I started researching the data by Director Insel as the official NIMH/SAMHSA answers on the subject. There was a lot of information, mostly written in medical terminology and on related subjects such as the psychiatric diagnostic manual, the ineffectiveness of psychiatric drugs and how “they do not work on most people.”
    You can follow this line of research that I was given with research to the NIMH website, Dr. Thomas Insel’s blogs on antidepressants and schizophrenia treatment, his article and this web page, by Insel and his blogpost. The only reason that I am giving you all these different data sources in such a disjointed manner is that it is how I received them from NIMH instead of simply getting an official answer.
    As I went through all this data, I realized that NIMH’s stance was that their research from improved neuroimaging equipment showed that different types of behavior, like anxiety or depression, seemed to come from different sections of the brain, as opposed to the current neurotransmitter theories and that with more answers, maybe 20-30 years in the future, we may find the sources of mental illness so that cures can be created.
    On January 16th, 2015, after doing this research of the links that NIMH sent me, I asked NIMH to confirm, in layman terms, my new understanding of NIMH’s view on the cause of mental illness which was:

    “Mental health scientists previously believed that the mental illnesses of depression and schizophrenia were caused by a chemical imbalance of the brain that was caused by an overall lack of serotonin or increase in dopamine. Great advances in neuroimaging that has now allowed us to see much more deeply into the brain shows that these and other mental illnesses are connected to deeper disorders within the neural systems of various parts of the brain and not by an altered amount of neurotransmitters which makes us closer to fully understanding the diseases and to finding mental illness cures.”
    Instead of getting a simple confirmation or slight alteration in message with a little public relations spin from NIMH as I expected, I was referred to two more links January 27th to further research which were and a video
    Since I realized that NIMH’s public relations department was seemingly fearful of even telling a New Jersey grandmother that the mental health emperor has no clothes regarding real science behind the reason for mental illness or how drugs work, I decided to research further into these two links and they were very revealing. If you check yourself, you will find that NIMH sees many possibilities for the different mental disorders and that they certainly do not come from neurotransmitter levels such as too much dopamine or too little serotonin as we constantly and fraudulently see advertised.
    So, Food and Drug Administration, please do your job by banning these fraudulent and misleading psychiatric drug ads that have a large percentage of our population hooked on drugs. When researching several psychiatric drug ads, they all generally stated that although they don’t know exactly how their drugs work, experts believe that they are correcting a chemical imbalance of the brain and neurotransmitter levels that cause mental illness. That is obviously misleading as our highest official mental health authority, National Institute of Mental Health, is giving other reasons for mental illness and also states that these mental health drugs do not help most people and never cure anyone. US citizens are counting on the FDA to be truthful with those of us, who have put their trust in them for so long, to protect us from fraudulent marketing and unworkable drugs. The FDA certainly should not be complicit in covering up the truth.
    If any government official or media representative would like the exact email exchange of documents with SAMHSA and NIMH, feel free to email me at [email protected].

  • Dr Berezin,

    Thank you so much. I look forward to your future posts very much. You’re right, there is so much that makes up why a person is like they are, and everybody deserves the dignity that goes with that. I am especially looking forward to the information on kids, as they are our future and right now, their future does not look so bright. I am sure that if you asked the little guys who are getting all the mind blowing psych drugs if they really want to take them, not one child would say yes. It’s pretty sad.
    Keep on writing…you are reaching many.

  • Dear B,

    I can definitely see why you feel the way you do. To put your trust in others and get screwed in the end never feels good, does it?
    I think that it is necessary to point out that everyone is responsible for their own condition. How you got there, what you did on your journey, has everything to do with you. Sure, you can say that it’s everybody else’s fault that I am the way I am, but when you come down to it, it all started with you.

    You may not be able to fix everything that happened to you in the past, but the future is still there for you. If you don’t like the doctor you’re going to, then go to someone else. Do your homework. If you find that a doctor is not acting in your best interests, then file a complaint on him. As a start you can do this with tour local police dept. Or get online and find out how you can do this with your local medical association. The more knowledge you have on how things are supposed to go, the more power you will have.

    No one ever said that the road was going to be easy, but it is definitely worth it when you can sanely come out the other end. The most important thing a person can have for himself is the ability to be.
    You have a right to be. And with that right comes the responsibility to do what is ethical, moral and in
    your best interests. I’m not saying you don’t have a right to express yourself, not at all. But you seem like a caring, genuinely “I want to get better” person.

    You have a lot of knowledge on what is wrong with psychiatry/psychology, so use what you know to make changes. You definitely will feel better when you help others. And that does not cost a cent. Good luck to you.


  • Dr. Berezin,

    I totally understand and thanks for answering me. I appreciate that you are contributing by writing the truth. To those of us who are not in your field, we have many questions and I know that you will be truthful in your responses.

    One thing I have always been interested in is how different disorders are created. Is there anything you can tell me about the creation of child bipolar disorder? I would be interested in knowing if it was simply concocted, a play on DSM definitions while matching ADHD and bipolar symptoms or some form of real science? I believe I read that Dr. Biederman is taking the credit for that one.

  • Hi Frank…you are right, we do need an entire force of people to handle the situation. One such group that is helping all of those you have mentioned in your response is Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR).

    I have worked with them over the last 20 years and I lost count of the people that I helped to get out of psych hospitals and how many kids I saved from getting taken away from their families.

    I have also worked with the survivors of psych abuse, such as Mind Freedom, and Psych Rights, and we are doing good work, we just need a whole lot more of us doing this job. There are also attorneys that will work with us Pro Bono as well as legislative allies.

    I don’t know where you are located, but if you log onto, you can get hooked up with a lot of people who are fighting just like you are. Good luck to you.

  • I have often thought what it must be like to be a medical professional and have to be aware of the corruption that takes place. It is very upsetting to think that people, who just want to talk to someone, just have a normal conversation with someone about what is bothering them, are afraid to do so without the threat of getting locked up in a spin bin or put on an entire cocktail of very dangerous drugs.
    How do you stay above it all? And what would you suggest as something a person like myself could do to make people more aware of what is going on so that we can have a change?

  • Dear Frank,
    Of course they can call in another professional who will commit. Just like they can forcefully take a child away from his/her family because the parents refuse to give their child a cocktail of psych meds, based on the report of the child’s pre-K teacher. Frank, I wish it weren’t so, but it is. The really sad part is that there are so many organizations that fight for the basic human rights of all people, and yet, their demonstrations and letters to the editors, are ignored . There are forces higher than us Frank, who have a lot of money and know how to use and abuse it to get even more drugs and money out there. And if you think that some of the family members of some of these patients are not on “the take” for a better phrase to describe the dollars they get for putting their family members on meds and in spin bins, just look into your state foster care system. There are some really big offenders there.

  • Thank you for your article. I understand your stance and how very supportive and caring you must be in your practices. but I do have a question for you. There are so very many info sites on the fraudulent practices of some psychiatrists, not to mention their “money line” associations with Big Pharma. A lot of what I read on this is from doctors, such as yourself and other professionals. If their unethical behavior and practices are so well known by so many, then why can’t something be done about it? Why is it that so much is said and written on the subject, but nothing changes?
    Why are highly regarded psychiatrists such as Dr Joseph Biederman, who hails from your neck of the woods, still allowed to practice after being found guilty of taking $1.6 million from Janssen Pharmaceuticals? This doctor clearly broke the law, but the slap on the wrist he received is so outrageous! Is it so important that he continue to be the “cash cow” for Harvard Univ. etc, that his totally unethical behavior goes ignored? I am rather outraged at this, and I find it even more outrageous that he can get away with it. God only knows what else he has done that we don’t know about. If you read Biederman’s deposition from the J&J hearing, you will see that he basically takes no responsibility for his actions. You would think that someone who is so highly regarded would be more ethical. I guess I must be living in a dream world. Can you please shed any light on how there is so much that has been said on this, but nothing gets done.