Friday, July 1, 2022

Comments by Daisy Anderson

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  • Steve, interestingly a few psychiatrists did ask about my family life. Whenever, the question was asked, my thoughts shattered and I could not utter a word. Sadly, the psychiatrists did not make an effort to gain my trust. I did not feel safe in their offices nor when I was on the psych wards. Sad, eh? Makes me wonder how many other people are medicated when all they need is someone who cares enough to listen and believe them. Daisy

  • I am so sorry for your having to go through the mill too. Yes recovering from the drugging takes years. My thirteen years of a drug free life has proved well worth the perseverance. Of course, not all is how I would like, but I am in charge of how I manage what comes my way and that makes all the difference. Keep persevering. Daisy

  • A warm thank you to my readers for their support. As I read, some of you have also been “insiders” in the psychiatric system. As insiders, we have earned a degree in life that amounts to a Ph.D., equal to years of a university education. We each have a story to tell and we must tell it in our own voice. Then, the numbers of people living with a mental illness would stop going up. Our ultimate goal would be to put the psychiatric industry out of business so that we can all live happy, productive lives.

  • A warm thank you for the support from my readers. Yes, there are problems in how and what mental health services are provided, and many of us have faced them. The big question is, how do we make a difference? Once we have experienced the mental health system, we become “insiders.” As insiders we have a gold mind of knowledge that every physician, psychiatric worker, policy writer, researcher, health care CEO or politician needs to hear about. Our experience is the Ph.D. education that years of university cannot equal and upon which we can base our approach to make change. We each make a splash in our own puddle starting now. Let’s see what we can do. Daisy