Monday, January 18, 2021

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  • I am glad you have got to this space. I remember years ago dealing with wretched devastating life issues (not gonna give any details but think parade of horrors), the therapists I worked with holding a similar view and explicitly warning me to watch out against me or my children falling into what they called the “psychiatry trap,” that my oldest was a sweet little boy and there was nothing wrong with him or me but that we’d had bad times. They warned me not to go the labeling and medication route, and had us do cognitive therapy, talk therapy, play therapy, and similar rehabilitative approaches. They cared. I’m glad they cared. I no longer have nightmares, and neither does my oldest. We’re living a nice life now, after the suffering we went through. My son has asked for permission to test out of high school and go early to college. I can hardly imagine what his life will hold.

    I feel like I ‘cheat’ some though, and take a medication for a physical disability which has the side effect of significantly lowering my blood pressure and heart rate, of calming me. I’ll be honest, I’m a much better person and do better in life taking this pill. My life gets better and better while I take it … and worse when I go off it as I eventually become overwhelmed by situational stress. Am I cheating? A two dimensional analysis, you know. Hard to get out of there. It works, so I do it. The question is the answer.

    I’m glad you care. It is easy to see, once you let yourself. 10,000 years from now what will they think of our culture? Money is a symbol of social status. People get ‘paid’ to exchange social status tokens, to do the rituals of ‘buy’ and ‘sell.’ ‘IQ tests’ that really measure social position, and the sister ‘standardized testing.’

    Instinctual compulsions. I’m glad you see. Take care. You’ll see more and more. Take care sweetie. I enjoyed reading your writing, you think clearly and write well. God bless you. It is a strange world we live in, us rutting wild animals.