Sunday, February 23, 2020

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  • I have tardive dystonia, caused by taking prescribed 2nd generation anti-psychotic risperdal for a one year period, it effects my larynx and vocal cords, pretty much destroyed my voice and gave me spastic dystonia. The upshot to this terrible injury – made me entirely loose my trust in big pharma, most psychiatrists, got inspired me to seek alternative holistic treatment, which has worked fabulously, no psych meds for me, and best of all it gave me a powerful tool to capture the attention and horror of anyone who will listen to my story of surviving psychiatry, in my rattling, staccato, rattling wispy gasping voice. I have quite happily helped dozens of people stop taking nueroleptics, I just have to say, listen and look what it did to me. Lol. The FDA is in the pocket of big pharma, think that’s widely known.