Thursday, May 13, 2021

Comments by Andrey

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  • I sat down and tried to remember any such traumatic experiences which might have played a part in the onset of my schizophrenia. Unfortunately, nothing noteworthy came to mind. I’ve had a pretty lean childhood, my parents were both healthy and dedicated, I was well nurtured and performed well during my 12 first years of school. It’s true that once I entered college I went through a depression because I had left my hometown, and the quality of my mental processes has dropped a notch ever since. But I firmly believe that it’s our response to stressful situations that puts us at risk, and this response is embedded in our very dna, we are programmed to react in a certain manner therefore a possible approach to tackle this predisposition would be for one to pussyfoot through life, avoid all complications and dangers which doesn’t seem like a viable option for most people.

  • As a sufferer myself, I can assure you that negative symptoms of schizophrenia are not acquired through (over)use of neuroleptics. Instead, they are an intrinsic feature of the disease itself. I had my first and only psychotic break last summer; and negative, as well as cognitive impairment ensued, those symptoms were already there when they put me on medication and they’ve gotten somewhat worse over the course of a couple months, after which they remained at a constant level (which, I might add, is a high enough level to prevent me from living a normal active life. I feel like a vegetable these days … )