Friday, January 15, 2021

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  • I am devastated…………..this happened to me. 15 years on
    Effexor with what they called treatment resistant depression.
    After losing my job and home in the recession, I fell into a suicidal depression. I was on Effexor and Welbutrin. Finally I was put on a dose of lithium and the depression lifted………….it didn’t disappear, but went back to the mild to moderate depression I had lived with all these years. I finally had enough and weaned off the anti-depressants…….it was hell coming off effexor. A few weeks later I have a manic episode. I was told I had bipolar 2 this time.

    I lost my sex drive because of the ssri and snri meds I took. The welbutrin was prescribed to help with that but it never did. I am sick after reading this. I now have to take a mood stabilizer for the rest of my life. WHO do I sue? There should be a class action lawsuit. I feel violated. I kept getting the run around about drug resistant depressions and I would have to live with depression the rest of my life. I know what happy is, I felt it “before” but never after taking anti-depressants.
    I am a poster child for this article……………..