Wednesday, May 18, 2022

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  • Your friend’s troubles resonate with me. I will preface the following comment by stating thae following:

    What I’m about to say comes from personal experience alone. I am NOT a doctor.

    From my understanding, atypical anti-psychotics were originally intended for use as teaching drugs and not as lifelong therapy. That is, Abilify is made to help a person with a mood disorder regroup and focus on healing.

    So, why is it that we should EVER be discouraged from healing ourselves even further to the point where we no longer need the drug’s help?

    Having a mood disorder is akin to having a condition like high blood pressure–moods, like pressure, must be kept in check. The un-tethered mind can cause the body to enter shock. Just as exercise, a balanced diet, and sleep can help certain physical imbalances, it follows that these same things plus behavioral strategies and a support network can be learned to regulate a mood imbalance.

    The ultimate goal, I feel, is to be able to take off the training wheels.