Monday, October 18, 2021

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  • I cannot help but be impressed that Dr. Whitaker is actually responding to these letters. One never knows how involved any particular person actually is. I share the goals of Mad in America and will try to be more involved in the future. My personal story includes dependency on amphetamines, xyrem,, and benzodiazepines. All were taken as directed. My efforts to get clean were met with unbelievable resistance. After reading all of Dr. Whitaker’s books, I can’t help but appreciate the display of insight and courage. Please keep working to end the for-profit orientation toward mental health care.

  • Tracey, thank you for the incite shown in your posting. I was once also a part of the mental health system and fell victim to the theory of the disease model approach to treating routine mental health issues. These include various so called anxiety disorders, grief, trauma and forms of mood disorders. I now see that almost all of these problems should be treated without medications or with only short term drug therapy. It has become apparent that those persons treated with many of these medications are now in crisis. My personal experience includes a shocking addiction to benzodiazepines and amphetamines. There was no warning of the dependence potential and no help in withdrawal. I also had a front row seat to the change over from a labor intensive therapeutic approach to treatment to the 15 minute drug check.

    I pray that you and other mental health professionals remain so brave as to speak out. The current approach makes money for prescribers and drug companies, but causes great harm to clients and their families. I know from personal experience.