Wednesday, October 28, 2020

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  • Amazing! I have a friend in the same situation. He was a successful businessman until recently when it all came down. But in my friends situation he had a wife that kept telling doctors that he was mentally ill and had bipolar. When I met him, I didnt see that at all in him. I had him stop taking his medication. At one time they had him on 3200mg of medication. He also has said since being off the medication his head is clear and dosent feel tired. The thing is with his case, so far we havent been able to find out for sure what doctor even diagnosed him with this. He said he really dosent remember much. His ex wife kept sending him to mental health facilities trying to commit him every chance she could. So far he has had 4 different doctors say that he isnt mentally ill and does not have bipolar. But what sad in his ordeal is his exwife made sure that everyone in town knew about his mental illness and bipolar, which this has scared him.