Sunday, November 28, 2021

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  • The NYT recently reported that The Institute of Medicine says it takes 17 years from research and evidence to clinical use. At that glacial speed it is time to hand over the practice of medicine to the people and do a power grab from the mainstream quacks. Google’s Project X is trying to doing some of that with their CALICO project on longevity. The philosopher kings of today (tech titans) have the money and the power to make a difference.

    Nutrition and mental health related? This is news? As another commenter said, Hoffer knew this long ago and he was far from the only one. Orthomolecular psychiatry is so not new. It has been sitting in a sludge pile labeled snake oil while Rome burns.

    I have watched my close friend almost die from the “best care available” here in the San Francisco Bay Area. He had such Stockholm Syndrome with the medical community it was pathetic to watch. The drugs he was on made everything worse, and then when you though it couldn’t get worse, it did.