Tuesday, September 28, 2021

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  • All benzodiazepines carry equal risk for injury. Drug companies are shielded from all liability. Those of us who have endured and survived the unfathomable that is benzo injury are living proof that anxious states can absolutely be managed without depending on a neurotoxin. The same dependable tools we use are available to everyone – and they carry zero injury risk. It is one of the gifts of the freedom we earn as survivors. Many of us remain injured, but we discover coping skills that we can rely upon. These should be the first approach for managing anxiety – not harmful synthetic compounds. So many of the injured wish they could return to their original levels of anxiety.

  • I will assume you won’t actually hear me as I respond to your comment here but someone else reading it might. The injury caused by these drugs is so unimaginably torturing and debilitating that you will beg for your original level of anxiety back. It is on a level that you CAN NOT fathom. None of us could prior to suffering the injury. I am in my 6th year of recovery and while I remain disabled I do recognize many of the most agonizing symptoms have gradually resolved over time, gratefully. You need to just know that you are actually, and literally playing a type of Russian Roulette with your brain and CNS using these neurotoxic agents. These dangerous drugs can turn on you at any time, and they will. Your body will reach a critical mass and then you will truly know why we sound the alarm in warning everyone. If you enter any number of benzo support groups online, you will have crossed into a portal to hell itself. I have no issue with banning these drugs for good. But I also do not agree with forcing people off of them abruptly.

  • With all he endured with this injury I find it odd that he would be relatively recovered by this point – that is if he isn’t taking something to take the edge off. He is laughing which is impossible in early recovery – and a year out is still pretty early in recovery, generally. There is a certain camaraderie among survivors of psychiatric harm – and I suppose there might be some measure of understanding when people choose to once again rely on pharma to cope with lingering effects. Personally I am against that. I would rather not feel 100% naturally than to sellout and return to “synthetic well-being”.

  • I’m just lumping him in with the rest of the willfully ignorant medical “professionals”. Not once did anyone from his family or associates take advice that was thrown at them from the outset directly from the people who are actually informed – the injured themselves. Countless survivors were flooding the comment sections on YT trying desperately to get their attention to no avail. His celebrity is a stumbling stone.

  • Great disappointment that Peterson has failed to lend his voice to the chorus of countless muted souls who are iatrogenically impaired. I have wasted too much time trying to inform and educate those commenting on his YT videos about the vast difference between addiction and physical dependency. It is especially repulsive to read comments from the Christian types orgasming over what they misinterpret as him having some kind of spiritual awakening which to the ‘trained’ eye is nothing more than agonizing symptoms of benzo hell. I am done defending this guy. Seems he and his daughter’s celebrity walls them off from the unwashed masses who worship them.