Saturday, May 25, 2019

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  • There are many things wrong with mental health treatment in America. This country would be much better off guaranteeing food, shelter and medication for every single citizen as opposed to spending money foolishly on psychiatric medications. The threat of going homeless is a one of the major causes of anxiety out there that causes mental illness. How is a psychiatric medication going to help a person who does not have dependable access to food and shelter?
    Many of the mental health centers are ruining the lives of very intelligent people, with drugs like Zyprexa, for their own selfish reasons such as profit. There are a number of other health conditions that play into mental health problems. The majority of mental health professionals do not assist with looking into other health problems because it is not profitable. Mental health continues to betray very intelligent people who have contributed enormously and also have the ability to contribute in ways that most others aren’t capable of contributing. Society is not profiting by behaving in such a manner.
    People with mental health issues are often very intelligent. Psychiatric diagnosis was largely invented to take credibility away from people so they would not be able to stand up for themselves. These actions are often part of America’s competitive nature, but they are mostly counterproductive. People with mental health issues are abused often. They are harassed by others who use stigma involved with so-called mental illness to blame because they think they are winning by acting in such a manner. America needs to act responsibly toward one another in dealing with mental health issues to achieve the best results.