Thursday, June 17, 2021

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  • Dear Dr Torbert and all,
    from my experience some of the argument around spirituality arises as it is not made clear what is meant – quasi-religious concepts (I would include Shamanism) or a sense of Being to which can be related and in return it will shaep eattitudes to LIfe and life’s adventures/adversities.
    Even in Zen-Buddhismus where the latter is most clearly conceptualised, in practice clouds of religious concepts tend to hide clarity of Being, in my experience.
    For me the pin head we dance on spiritually can best be expressed in paradoxes:
    One example for me is Sr Wendy Beckett who says somewhere “you can live a life of prayer without being religious (the latter just seems to be what turns me on…” or words to that effect.
    The other is a quote form Albert Einstein writing to a father mourning the death of a child on hope, saying the purpose of religion was (merely) to rid us of the illusion that we were separate from Being. To which I am inclined to add: If only religion was aware of that!
    And the third perhaps, from an Astronaut returned to Earth and asked whether he had seen God – replying “Yes but, mind, She is Black.”
    Some years ago, I have had the opportunity to present some of my thoughts around these issues – related to anthropology I believe:
    – I hope this helps.
    Thanks for the disucssion and your efforts!