Monday, February 24, 2020

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  • Thanks Dr. Cornwall for writing this article and for devoting your career to help make the mental health treatments of the world more humane and effective.

    I particularly resonate with your point about the vague line where respecting the believes of others and advocating the treatments you know to be effective clash with each other.

    Reading this made me think of the ludicrous option that conventional psychiatrists give to their patients who propose more holistic, less invasive and harmful treatments, which is to use the alternative therapies to supplement the psychotropic drugs. If someone is taking harmful drugs which cause extreme exhaustion, muscle atrophy, and various other debilitating side effects , how is implementing therapeutic changes such as exercise, yoga, or nutrition, going to be possible or even marginally effective if by some miracle the patients body is able to exercise? Also, what use is changing your diet when you’re ingesting toxic harmful chemicals each day?

    I feel strongly that in the case of mental health, especially bc there is no known biological evidence of disease, allopathic medicine cannot be beneficial nor be healthy, thinking about the suggestion that alternative therapy should go hand in hand with harmful drugs that negatively effect every organ in the body actually disturbs and angers me. Until the use of harmful drugs, restraints, isolation and other human rights violations prevalent in hospitals and conventional psychiatry are completely eliminated it is only right to expose the public to the harsh truth, no matter how impolite it may come off as.

    Thanks for opening up the dialogue and allowing me to take part in this discussion.

    With gratitude,