Sunday, December 4, 2022

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  • I just wanted to say as a physician and as a patient (due to early, severe, prolonged childhood abuse and neglect) and having suffered the wrecking ball of psychiatry… my personal opinion is that psychiatry is the menace to psychiatry. Not once have I been asked about childhood trauma and every time I bring it up, I am told it is unimportant including from a top and well financed researched based medical school. Every time, I shake my head in dismay….But I just cannot seem to get through, even when I bring the ACE study graphs or when I bring information from SAMHSA on the ACE study and I just wonder, why doesn’t psychiatry want to know more that will probably help patients. Why do they always want to give a pill (typically for someone with my childhood history — an antipsychotic or mood stabilizer for PTSD). And why did they rebuke the diagnosis proposed by Bessel van der Kolk and group, Developmental Trauma Disorder which is being verified by the work of the NCTSN?

  • I would like to know the kappa values of developmental trauma disorder. I believe it is an ABSOLUTE travesty to neglect child abuse and neglect. The DSM is truly a joke and it does hurt people. People who have attachment trauma and disorganized attachment and develop the natural consequences to such an event may not respond at all to talk therapy at least not until affect regulation is obtained. WE are harming millions of abused children and adults by giving them tons of psychiatric diagnoses which they do not have when what they do have is a history of severe child abuse and neglect. Children get to feel like they have some type of medical or biological illness (and are not left to know — If you swing an axe at my leg, the axe strikes my leg and I bleed that is normal — no it is not normal you need Sapharis or Abilify as the treatment of choice. People are being hurt. The DSM is harming lots of people.