Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Comments by Jeannie Bass

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  • I appreciate you reading and commenting but I’m a little confused how you don’t see that psychiatry has made it a mission to eradicate voices in most of our lives given the opportunity. I am speaking to the fact that we are allowed the human right to integrate our voices into our personhood if we so choose. That no one should hold the power to decide for us if our voices are important or not. I’m not sure if you know the history of the hv movement but Patsy challenged Marius when he was her Dr. and after he told her her voices weren’t real she pointed to a crucifix on the wall and asked him, “why do you get to believe in a God that you can’t see or here but I can’t believe in the voice I am hearing and experiencing”. Obviously I’m paraphrasing because I was not there and have heard this story retold a million times but that is the essence of what sparked the hv movement that has grown all over the world the last 30+ years. I owe my freedom and entire life to this movement and finding out it wasn’t bad or shameful for me not to want my voices to go away and that I was not alone. I was not saying I got a license I was alluding to the fact that other people tried as hard as possible to take my voices away. And this is a common experience for many of us.
    Perhaps I cleared that up for you. Or maybe not. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment either way.

  • Thanks for your really cool comments on Mary and Jesus. And I love that Carl Jung quote. I don’t see the voice of Mary as coming from my subconscious mind but could totally see how it might have appeared that way from the outside. To me her voice which I still hear is connected to a spiritual experience and she is part of my being. I gave up my “mortal” identity for quite a while to live as Mary but that no longer fits either. Actually today of all days i really need to summons her strength and empathy in my life.