Thursday, December 9, 2021

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  • Hello I am a 37 yr old female. I have been diagnosed with somotoform disorder. 2 years ago I had what they thought to be a TIA, which left me with right sided weakness for years which being the only symptom that improved over time. Three weeks ago I had a episode to which in unknown why but left me with left sided weakness and tremors in my legs that come on by cold standing and walking. The doctors made me come every 6 months to do tests when the right sided weakness started. The mri shows cluster of spots in my brain but the neuro said it was most likely due to a car accident and said over the past 2yrs the clusters haven’t changed. I have had all tests such as eeg,emg, cts, blood work come back normal except for vitamin D deficiency and low blood platelets. My current symptoms are just tremors in my legs, pain in my neck and lower back, and leg spasms. I don’t have any stressors and my psychologist is not sure why I was given this diagnosis. Can someone send me in the right direction to get the correct diagnosis. I am a mother of a 13 yr old daughter and I just want to be able to wall without my legs trembling so bad. I live in ky. I am happy and know how to handle stress. Please help. Thanks