Saturday, December 3, 2022

Comments by Darcy Peal

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  • I find myself disillusioned with the whole process of fighting back against corrupt systems. At best best it is just a game played that goes on for years with nothing ever changing and neither side ever being declared the “winner”.

    Our entire society is corrupt on so many levels and in so many different arenas that most people have just come to believe that corruption is a part of everyday life, nothing will change in our lifetime so why bother fighting it.

    Specific groups such as MIA may prevent a particular system from completely taking over our lifestyle but that is all they can hope to achieve. They will never end the corruption. Only the passage of time and the progression of technology will ever show us what fools we have been in the past.

    Of course even with that being said I do remain the eternal optimist and like continually fight against ignorance and corruption in many ways myself.

  • “It’s weird. Like these geeks or atheist types that can rail against all forms of religion or cult, but there’s this massive load of pseudoscience going unnoticed right under their nose !”

    How are geeks and atheist types related to a chemical imbalance? I am both of theses things except I don’t rail against religion but I’m still intelligent enough to see through the lies of psychiatry.

    Your statement is weird.

  • There are many causes of death that could be attributed to psych drugs that we never seem to hear about. For example anti-psychotics and benzos lower your sense of urgency when faced with a dangerous situation, which allows you stay in danger without a normal fight or flight reaction, which may result in your death. I highly doubt death by something like this is ever even given any consideration in any of these studies.

    I have severe sleep apnea and COPD, yet I am prescribed 2 sleeping pills, 2 ADs, and a neurotropic all of which can effect my breathing while sleeping. So if I die during my sleep will my death be attributed to respiratory distress caused by COPD? I think so, and the drugs will never even be brought into question.

    I could go on with the “what if” scenarios but the point is no matter what, I’m quite sure it will be my prescribed drugs that actually cause my death.

  • I was (and still am) suffering from the side effects of several psych drugs, because my doctor refused to believe that my meds had anything to with my condition she labelled my illnesses psychosomatic. Now I can no longer receive any treatment or testing regarding any “physical” ailments I may have. A few doctors have even openly laughed at me when I describe a physical problem.

    I told one doctor that I had psoriasis on my scalp she laughed and said “No you don’t!” but she did not even bother to check. So I was forced to treat it myself with OTC products but the psoriasis has still spread. This is only one minor example of the prejudice I am now exposed to, things get more serious from there.

    Doctors seem determined now to force me to an early grave and I am afraid they will succeed.


  • Sera, I too suffer from the issues of noise but nowhere near the degree to which you suffer. However one key fact I have noticed is that the degree of suffering a noise causes me is directly related to the expectancy of any given sound being generated. If I know an irritating sound is about to occur than it has nowhere near as severe an effect as it normally would. Even better is if I create the sound myself, which causes me little to no suffering.

    Unexpected loud or irritating noises still cause a type of physical pain in my head and I have not heard of any reliable cure for this other than using earplugs which definitely help to take the edge off.

    Hopefully another commenter will have some further insight into this problem.