Tuesday, August 9, 2022

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  • Maybe a lot of this stuff is true. Who knows?

    However, since my kid has been on medication, his behavior has improved to the point that we can actually consider keeping him with us at home, rather than handing him off to the state because we would be incapable of dealing with him.

    Of course, if we did hand him over, he would be on the same medications anyway.

  • Polemics seem to be an integral part of all issues in America. Nature versus Nurture, Whole Word learning versus Phonics, ADHD exists, ADHD doesn’t exist. Everywhere you look you see this – and guess what? Some people can do awfully well financially and in their careers by simply hunkering down on one end of it.

  • I’m not a science type, but I get the general drift about the indeterminacy of the assignation, the over-diagnosis and the reliance on presciption medication to address these things. Of course that is a huge problem.

    However, there just are kids that have these types of behaviours at substantially higher levels than their peers, who have started to be a huge diffficulty for their parents to manage from a very young age (like 3) and who subsequently get into their 30s without having put the difficulties usually assoociated with adolescence in their place yet. Before the ADHD diagnosis came along these kids were typically just labelled naughty bad kids likely to go to the bad and that’s it.

    So yes, I do see a problem with labelling, and also with excessive reliance on the drugs option, but picking up and recognising certain things as being a potential lifetime issue early on and addressing them proactively if necessary with things like cognitive behavioural therapy surely can’t be a bad thing, can it?