Tuesday, April 13, 2021

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  • Sera, I was involved in a car accident years ago and I had a head and spinal injury. For the first following years, I was dealing with the rehab of the injury and I thought it was just the emotions and frustration of the injury, but as the months turned into years, I noticed that instead of the “feelings” settling down, they seemed to get magnified. One day I was doing some light work, as I was not fully recovered, and I suddenly realized I was bawling my eyes out, when I noticed it I stopped and began laughing, then I began to feel excitement, this went on for about 5-10 minutes in which I experienced, what seemed to be EVERY emotion the human can experience. It was like a cascade of all these feelings. I stopped what I was doing and tried to figure out what was going on, I had no reason to feel any particular way. There was no situation happening in my life to cause these feelings. Later I read an article about the solar maxim, the cycle of the sun in which there is an increase in solar flares, so I started to record the atmospheric conditions and noticed a pattern whenever rain-storms were in the region or approaching I would feel “stormy,” when ever solar flares, with their electromagnetic waves would occur, my emotions were ALL over the place. Even the turbulent sunspots would be a precursor of things to come. These events didn’t just effect me, but I was able to feel them, for ex when an event would occur I could ask my friends and family if their computers or their phones would act up, or if they noticed people acting oddly, and they would tell me about odd things or people acting oddly. I also noticed that in crowds of people I would suddenly have feelings , (the only way I can explain it is,) feelings that were not my own. I started looking at the electromagnetic spectrum and there seems to be a correlation with the atmospheric and solar disturbances on an electromagnetic level. As all brains produce bio-electricity this also seemed to explain why I would have the feelings of those around me. It seems that we are organic transceivers. I’m NOT talking “new age” stuff but actually able, through the electromagnetic field, to transmit and receive subtle energy from those around us. I think it’s a totally unconscious act that people are not aware of. I’ve noticed also the sensitivity to the sound of closing doors, breaking or crushing ice, the telephone ringing- that one sends me through the roof, the feel of cotton balls- it’s equivalent to nails on a chalk board, rain drops hitting me is like being bombarded with sensory overload any noise above a certain level is grating- I’ve had friends while talking on the phone I would ask them why they were screaming and they would reply that they were just talking normally, I’ve had to turn the volume down just to listen. Music, color, and smells have noticeable effects. Certain music is like a repellant as are neon colors, and I noticed I can smell people’s cologne or perfume even if they’re in a car driving by me, sometimes it’s like walking into a cloud of perfume or cologne, it literally chokes me. I guess what I wanted to say was THANK YOU for the article, I don’t talk much about this, as friends already think I’m crazy, I almost believed
    I was going crazy, except for certain facts would remind me that I wasn’t crazy. Do you know of ANY studies looking into a possible correlation with damage to the bio-electric circuit and the electromagnetic spectrum? and could you suggest further reading on this….I don’t know if it’s a gift or a curse…sometimes it’s both. It’s nice to be able to REALLY relate to a friend on a deep emotional level-(the gift,) but then sometimes it’s hard to KNOW if what you’re feeling is ACTUALLY your “own” feelings-(the curse) signed ditto