Tuesday, September 29, 2020

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  • I have a child with this diagnosis (well he’s an adult now). But I read up on this a lot and from what I read it seemed it was mostly a shortage of motor neurons in the brain causing uncontrollability issues. Example you start to tell them to be careful not to run into a wall and before you finish your sentence they do and then turn around and ask ” were you saying something?” My son was excessively bad with this type of behavior. When he was diagnosed I was skeptical because I did not want him to take anything that he would get addicted too. What was explained to me is that it would work opposite of someone say taking a controlled substance. So instead of giving him a high it would be more calming for him. It did work – at least for him. I have not yet met another kid however who is as hyper as mine was making me believe that it is overprescribed. I also sadly would like to mention that in my own personal opinion believe there is a connection to parents drug use that causes this issue in children. I do not do or ever have done anything but his dis enchanted father has. I think more research is needed with that.